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AI in Healthcare: Fact vs Fiction with Baptist Health  

AI in Healthcare webinar

Join us for an insightful webinar on the responsible and ethical use of AI in healthcare with Aaron Miri, Senior VP and Chief Digital and Information Officer of Baptist Health and Elizabeth Gunn, VP of Patient Services for Baptist Medical Center South.  Elizabeth and Aaron will discuss how to prepare your hospital culture before implementing AI, the relevant uses to help extend your staff, and some of the common misconceptions. Register for the webinar to learn about: 

  1. Demystifying AI: Addressing misconceptions and highlighting AI’s true role as a supportive tool to support clinicians at the bedside. 
  2. Augmenting Clinical Staff: Strategies to alleviate staffing shortages with AI, ensuring it extends, not replaces, caregivers.  
  3. Real-World Applications at Baptist: Learn about AI-driven solutions for sepsis identification, fall prevention, and more.  

Register now to secure your spot and explore how AI can augment your clinical operations and help extend the reach of your staff.  

Redesigning Inpatient Care: Introducing the Virtual Care Maturity Model 

Redesigning Inpatient Care: Introducing the Virtual Care Maturity Model

In the wake of staffing shortages, the need to efficiently scale virtual care programs has never been greater. Implementing virtual care is one thing, but to transform the care delivery model hospitals must deeply understand the clinical workflows, change management, and leadership required to implement real change and achieve lasting results.  

Join industry pioneers Lisbeth Votruba and Claire Zangerle as they unveil an inpatient virtual care maturity model, crafted with insights from top nursing leaders and industry advisors. This session will highlight the challenges hospitals face in redesigning care delivery, offer a visionary outlook for the future of virtual care, and emphasize the importance of a structured maturity model to achieve real and lasting change. 

Learning points: 

  • Learn how a maturity model helps hospitals overcome care redesign challenges and achieve sustainable growth 
  • Gain practical insights from industry pioneers on scaling virtual care programs for lasting impact 


  • Claire Zangerle DNP, MBA, RN, NEA-BC, FAONL, FAAN, CMZ Strategies, LLC 
  • Lisbeth Votruba, MSN, RN, Chief Clinical Officer, AvaSure 

CIO perspectives: The future of virtual care on a cost-neutral basis

CIO Perspectives webinar imiage

In this session, you’ll hear from a panel of CIOs who will share their vision for what the future of virtual care looks like, real-world success stories and strategies for overcoming challenges. They’ll cover patient-centric approaches, collaborating with clinical leaders, the role of artificial intelligence, integration within existing IT infrastructure and building the business case for virtual care.

Learning points:  

  • Explore specific ways healthcare IT plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of virtual care.
  • Learn principles for designing virtual care solutions that prioritize the patient and caregiver experience.
  • Gain insights on challenges in implementing virtual care initiatives and strategies for future proofing.
  • Learn how to fund your virtual care program on a cost-neutral basis.


  • Edward Marx, CEO, Marx Advisory
  • Brian Sterud, MBA, CHCIO, FACHE, VP of IT, CIO, CISO, Faith Regional Health Services
  • Joshua Rosentel, MBA, BSN, RN, CPHQ, Nursing Informatics Officer, Lehigh Valley Health Network
  • Inderpal Kohli, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Englewood Health
  • Marc Perkins-Carrillo, MSN, RN, NI-BC, NE-BC, HACP, Chief Nursing Informatics Officer, Moffitt Cancer Center

Introducing the new AvaSure Analytics™ portal for virtual care insights

AvaSure Analytics™ Portal

At AvaSure, our dedication to providing the best for our customers drives everything we do. That’s why our team completely revamped the AvaSure analytics™ portal, offering our customers a smoother experience and providing crucial insights that propel their virtual care programs to the next level.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Learn how you can uncover deeper insights by comparing data across hospitals, care units, and virtual safety attendants for comprehensive analysis.
  • See how you can stay informed with hourly data, keeping you in sync with your program’s performance.
  • Discover how you can benchmark your program against 800+ hospitals to see how you stack up.

Ready to level up your program? Watch the webinar on-demand to explore these exciting updates!


  • Jill Kaminski, MS, Clinical Data & Systems Analyst at AvaSure
  • Lindsey Debernardi, BSN, RN, Customer Success Advisor at AvaSure

Scalable virtual care is here: Introducing AvaSure Episodic™

Ready to take your virtual care program to the next level? Elevate your virtual care program with AvaSure Episodic™, the latest solution from AvaSure’s Intelligent Virtual Care Platform. Watch this webinar on-demand to see how Episodic transforms healthcare delivery, offering scalability and seamless patient interactions for virtual nursing, specialty consults, admission and discharge, mentorship, and more. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness how AvaSure Episodic™ is reshaping virtual care, paving the way for enhanced patient outcomes and improved healthcare delivery.  

Learning points:  

  • Understand the concept and use cases for episodic virtual care  
  • Explore key features designed to facilitate seamless communication between patients and caregivers  
  • Learn how Episodic prioritizes patient engagement and satisfaction, fostering a more personalized and empathetic approach to care delivery   


  • Jacob Hansen, Chief Product Officer, AvaSure
  • Dana Peco, MSN, RN, Director of Clinical Solutions, AvaSure

The Growing Need for Safety Monitoring Young Patients

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Hear from nurse leaders at a children’s hospital and an acute-care hospital on how remote safety monitoring has succeeded in reducing adverse events for pediatric and adolescent patients.

Caring for children in the inpatient setting presents unique challenges. Like adults, kids can misuse medication devices, elope from the hospital and sustain injuries from falls, but their needs are different and require additional attention from nurses. More than ever, young patients have behavioral health problems ranging from eating disorders to major depressive episodes, a situation made worse by the pandemic. Providing one-to-one care for this patient cohort is costly, ineffective, and resource intensive.

Hear from nurse leaders at a children’s hospital and an acute-care hospital on how remote safety monitoring has succeeded in reducing adverse events for pediatric and adolescent patients while reducing stress on families and caregivers.


  • Jamie Clendenin, BSN, RN-BC, Supervisor, Nursing Operations, Anne Arundel
  • Melanie Lee, MSN, RN, CPN, Clinical Director, Pediatric Emergency and Inpatient Unit. Anne Arundel
  • Ashleigh Nurski, MSN, RN, ACCNS-P, CPN Clinical Nurse Specialist, Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital
  • Stacey Overholt, MBA, BSN, RN, Director of Clinical Sales, AvaSure

Keeping Pediatric Patients Safe with Virtual Sitting

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Learn why virtual sitting is a solution to address the top patient concern for 2023 – the pediatric mental health crisis.

Caring for children in the inpatient setting presents unique challenges for hospitals across the nation. Similar to adults, kids can interfere with medical devices, elope from the hospital, and sustain injuries from falls, but their primary needs tend to differ and nurses caring for these patients need different support. Pediatric patients have always required a different touch, but the situation is being exacerbated by persistent staffing shortages and the concurrent mental health crisis amongst young Americans. Youth patients in need of behavioral health services are being kept in the ED due to a lack of mental health facilities and appropriate staffing. This makes providing safe and effective care to this important patient cohort costly, ineffective and resource intensive.

Advances in technology, like virtual sitting, have proven to support adequate staffing and allow children to be safe and well cared for. Hear how nurse leaders at a children’s hospital and an acute-care hospital are using virtual sitting for pediatric and adolescent patients and have succeeded in reducing adverse events while also reducing stress on families and caregivers. In addition, they will discuss the policies and procedures to consider and how to get buy-in from your team for this specific patient population. 

Learning objectives

  • Policies and procedures needed for video-monitoring pediatric patients.
  • How to get buy-in from your frontline team to use technology for this sensitive patient cohort.
  • Why virtual sitting is a solution to address the top patient concern for 2023 – the pediatric mental health crisis. 

Webinar: Addressing Workforce Challenges and Keeping Patients Safer: How CHS is Deploying Virtual Patient Monitoring

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Many hospitals are experiencing staffing shortages, leading to nurse burnout and an increase in adverse events. How can hospitals create a care system that reduces the need for 1:1 patient sitters while enabling nurses to stay focused on other core patient care duties?

In this webinar, you will hear firsthand from CHS about how they expanded their virtual sitting program to enhance patient safety, optimize resource utilization and reduce costs.


  • Lynn Simon, M.D., MBA, President of Healthcare Innovation and Chief Medical Officer, CHS
  • Pam Rudisill, DNP, RN, MSN, NEA-BC, FAAN, Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer, CHS
  • Ted Lomicka, Vice President, Strategic Analytics, CHS
  • Lisbeth Votruba, MSN, RN, Chief Clinical Officer, AvaSure

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Virtual Classroom Series Session 6: Starting and Scaling Your Virtual Nurse Program

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Join us for a transformative session as we conclude the captivating journey through our virtual nursing 101 classroom series. In this final installment, Lisbeth Votruba, MSN, RN, Chief Clinical Officer, will distill the invaluable insights and profound wisdom garnered over the past six months of sessions from pioneering virtual nursing programs.

In this webinar, Lisbeth will uncover:

  • The essential considerations surrounding traditional care paradigms
  • How to embark on an exploration of the dynamic co-caring model
  • How this paradigm shift can effectively address the pressing challenges of care quality, patient experience, and cost containment

Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to learn from the forefront of nursing innovation. Join us for an engaging session that promises to empower you with the knowledge and strategies to not only initiate change but to shape the future of nursing care. Secure your spot today and be a part of this transformative experience as we uncover the pathway to redefining healthcare through virtual nursing excellence.