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Clients’ Research Makes Evidence-based Case for the AvaSure TeleSitter®

No other vendor in the virtual monitoring space has anything like AvaSure’s reference list of peer-reviewed journal articles, posters and podium presentations showing its efficacy in preventing harm across the healthcare enterprise.

An early series of successes for AvaSure’s TeleSitter® Solution was in inpatient falls, one of the most common preventable adverse events in healthcare. Although in the past few years, customers have discovered the potential of the TeleSitter and have validated its success in improving safety, quality, and productivity outcomes.

For an overview of those outcomes, read The Evidence-Based Case for a Virtual Care Solution Whitepaper.

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Computers, Informatics, nursing: CIN

Fall Prevention and Injury Reduction Utilizing Virtual Sitters in Hospitalized Patients: A Literature Review

Half of articles that meet standards are on AvaSure customers

A literature review on fall prevention and injury reduction using virtual sitters

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American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Technology Utilization in Fall Prevention

Sites 3 AvaSure customer publications

Technology-based applications in various settings, focusing on the outcomes of fall reductions, cost, and other benefits.

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Journal of nursing care quality

Continuous Video Monitoring: Readiness for Growth

Oregon Health and Sciences University

Metric analysis can inform initiatives to grow continuous video monitoring programs to increase safety for at-risk populations.

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Journal of Nursing Measurement

Development and testing of a new tool to measure nurses’ acceptance of Remote Visual Monitoring technology.

Inova Health System

A large academic medical center reported a significant reduction in patient falls after implementing a video monitoring system for six months.

Video monitoring had direct correlation to annual sitter reduction savings.

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COVID-19 outcomes with the TeleSitter

Multi-site including 97 hospitals

1,625 COVID/PUI patients observed across 97 hospitals in March and April 2020

Staff took an additional 18 seconds to respond to urgent or emergent needs for patients in isolation (34.5 seconds) as compared to patients not in isolation (15.8 seconds)

Patients in isolation received a greater number of verbal interactions per day (17)

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Journal of Nursing Measurement

Remote Visual Monitoring During a Pandemic

Inova Health System

Study showing the pandemic caused a significant increase in the utilization of remote video monitoring with positive patient and staff outcomes, both tangible and intangible.

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Journal of Nursing Care Quality

Impact on Nursing Workforce Safety

Multi-site study including 73 hospitals

320 physical/verbal abuse incidents were reported by monitoring staff

For every one abusive event witnessed, there were 25 abusive events avoided

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Journal of Nursing Care Quality

Managing Eating Disorders on a General Pediatrics Unit: A Centralized Video Monitoring Pilot

University of Wisconsin

Continuous Virtual Monitoring is feasible and less costly than 1:1 supervision without negatively impacting LOS or weight gain

ROI achieved within one year

*correction on inaccurate unit-pricing in progress

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Clinical of Geriatric Medicine

Multi-site national study on video monitoring for fall prevention

Multi-site study including 71 hospitals

15,021 high-fall risk patients selected for monitoring

Overall fall rate down to 1.5/1000 patient days

Most vulnerable 85+ year olds fall rate down to 0.38/1000 patient days

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Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing

Continuous Video Monitoring: Implementation Strategies for Safe Patient Care and Identified Best Practices

Oregon Health and Sciences University

Cost savings of $195,918 in the first year

Wide inclusion criteria for adults/peds

Family prefer video for more privacy, added security and respite

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General Hospital Psychiatry

Virtual monitoring of suicide risk


Zero adverse events while monitoring suicide risk.

TeleSitting used in both general hospital and emergency department for suicide risk.

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The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing

A Novel Approach to Fall Prevention


Proves adequate fall prevention with remove video monitoring.


Rehabilitation Nursing

Improving Patient Safety through Video Monitoring


81% of staff report positive benefit to themselves and patients

20% reduction in hospital-wide falls

Approximately $190K savings in sitter costs after one year

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Annals of Internal Medicine

Systematic review of interventions to reduce sitters and falls

Veterans Health Administration, Evidence-based Synthesis Program Center

Systematic review (Level I evidence)

Using sitters to prevent falls has the lowest level certainty of evidence

Video monitoring has the highest certainty of evidence

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Clinical Nurse Specialist

Outcomes of Clinical Nurse Specialist Practice in the Implementation of Video Monitoring at an Academic Medical Center


A decrease in costs for 1:1 sitters

No increase in fall numbers

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Journal of Nursing Care Quality

Individualized Fall Prevention Program in an Acute Care Setting


74% decrease in sitter expenses

54% reduction in falls

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Nurse Forum

STARS interventions for violence reduction: Safety, technology, activity, relief, and surroundings


TeleSitting technology used as part of a toolkit to manage behaviorally challenging patients while providing continuous observation 

Staff reported increased safety and engagement 

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The Journal of Nursing Administration

Sitter Reduction through Mobile Video Monitoring


$2.5 million in savings on sitters in two years

Average falls with injury reduced by 26%


Becker’s Hospital REview

The business case for centralized TeleSitting: Clinical and financial ROI at Ochsner Health 


Best practices for centralized hub and spoke model 

Five years of centralized monitoring 17 facilities 

90% cost reduction when effectively using TeleSitter solution

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