AvaSure for finance teams

AvaSure’s scalable virtual care platform eases the financial burden of staffing shortages, nurse turnover, and losses caused by poor patient outcomes.

Maximize your measurable outcomes

AvaSure blends intelligent virtual care with expert IT and clinical support to get the most from your technology investment. 72% of hospitals see outcomes in less than months.

Benchmark against hospitals nationwide

Learn how adoption affects your financial outcomes with AvaSure analytics. Our national benchmarks help you understand where you are on your virtual care journey built based on comparative data from over 130M hours of patient monitoring across hundreds of facilities.

Rated #1 in reducing cost of care by KLAS

“AvaSure provides a platform that allows us to provide real-time monitoring, both for fall prevention and for scaling expert nursing across our healthcare systems. We have a two-way audio, one-way visual setup, but AvaSure also has a two-way visual setup that customers can purchase.”

— Director August 2023

“They [hospitals] should use AvaSure. AvaSure is available, and they are responsive, so customers should tap into them. AvaSure has a wealth of experience from working at all the different sites that they support and serve.”

—VP/other executive August 2023

“Our sitter hours have improved while using this solution. We have been able to compare the sitting hours to the camera hours. The reduction in fall rates at the hospitals is something we are tracking, and according to the literature, everybody who has used this tool has reported a reduction in falls. There is also a reduction in elopements and medical device interference.”

—Director August 2023

“AvaSure’s chief nursing officer drives research and is very interested in it. That is a really positive thing about the company because they are not just about the product. They are really trying to focus on patient safety and the outcomes. That is important. AvaSure should continue to drive things, especially as they are looking at their AI solution, pushing alerts to the staff, and integrating with EMRs that hospitals are using.”

—Director June 2023

“AvaSure has done a really good job because they have made their hardware nimble enough to support not only virtual observation functions but also virtual nursing concepts. The vendor is making resources available for a variety of different services and applications.”

—VP/other executive August 2023

Ensure a successful deployment

Dedicated onboarding and ongoing technical support helps your clinical team adopt, scale, and realize ROI on your platform investment.

Get guidance on how to configure your on-premise systems for maximum performance with AvaSure.

Prepare facilities, provision hardware and devices, train and advise on-site staff, and lead deployment.

Get 27/4, on-demand support to ensure fully-performant devices and smooth virtual care workflows.

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