Continuous patient monitoring

Virtual patient monitoring with AI makes remote care possible at scale. Detect and prevent adverse events including falls, elopement, self harm, and more.

Reduce the need for 1:1 sitters

A single staff member can safely monitor many patients at once with AvaSure. Computer vision helps prevent adverse events, sending alerts when a patient needs attention.

Continuous, high-fidelity video
AI falls and elopement detection
Observer alertness monitoring
Automatic alerts
High availability & uptime

Respond quickly to patients in need

AvaSure’s intelligent virtual platform allows remote clinicians to react fast to acuity alerts, such as sepsis alerts or deterioration algorithms, and then to engage and collaborate with bedside teams across units and facilities. Nursing leaders rely on our high-quality video feeds and computer vision to monitor up to 38 patients at a time, enhancing rapid response and improving patient quality.

Configurable Hardware

Devices that fit your facilities
Ceiling Devices

AvaSure Guardian® ceiling devices are tamper-resistant, permanently installed hardware commonly used for behavioral health patients. Choose from a 2x2 drop ceiling tile or drywall device and connect to hospital-grade TVs with a high definition cable.

Mobile Devices

AvaSure Guardian® mobile devices offer one- or two-way video with an advanced 360° pan/tilt/zoom camera that easily wheels from room to room. Includes power, privacy, and wireless indicators.

Wall-Mounted Device

The Guardian Access® is a compact, 16” wall-mounted device with a high definition cable connection for two-way video via a hospital television. Includes power, privacy, and wireless indicators.

High Fidelity Cameras and AI Sensors

High fidelity cameras with 1080p resolution and 10x optical zoom power every device, providing a comprehensive view of the room and detecting potential risk before it impacts patients or attendants.

Customer Success

Trinity Health drives $23M in labor cost savings with virtual monitoring

Trinity Health scaled a program across the enterprise to improve the safety of at-risk patients and optimize labor costs. Since implementing virtual monitoring, the healthcare system has saved $23 million in labor costs.

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