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Cost of Inaction Calculator

How much does your organization spend on falls and sitters annually? Daily?

Enter in your Average Daily Census to see how much you are spending on falls and sitters alone and the daily cost of inaction without AvaSure’s TeleSitter® Solution.

AvaSure delivers an evidence based solution that enhances patient and caregiver experience, lowers the cost of care, and can help deliver a fall rate of 1.1 per 1,000 AvaSure patient days – an 84% reduction from a typical high fall-risk patient population.

*Please note calculations are determined by your average daily census and national statistical averages. For questions or more detailed information about your cost of inaction, please contact AvaSure.
1 Spetz, J., Brown, DS., and Aydin, C., (2015) The economics of preventing hospital falls. The Journal of Nursing Administration. 45(1):50-57.
2 The Joint Commission: Facts about the preventing falls project. accessed 3/7/18
Each day you delay, you spend significant money and run the risk of patients hurting themselves or others during preventable adverse events. Email or call AvaSure at 800.736.1784 to act now.
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