Virtual Nursing

Continuous monitoring and episodic care solutions that optimize labor, expedite nursing tasks, and drive long-term improvements in patient care.

Future-Proof Platform

Intelligent solutions for tireless teams

Nurses use AvaSure to be there for patients in the right way, at the right time. Our reliable, scalable platform streamlines virtual nursing workflows, makes remote coaching and mentorship feel natural, and offers flexible deployment options to fit your facilities.

Episodic care with group calling, polite entry, and high-performance two-way video

Continuous monitoring and deterioration identification

Modern, flexible hardware solutions

API access to data for smart devices and technology partners

Episodic Care

Streamline your nursing workflows

Complete admission, discharge, rounding, consulting, and mentoring over high-quality, two-way video. AvaSure lets busy clinicians provide personal, quality care from anywhere they need to be.

Continuous Monitoring

Protect patients at scale

Monitor patients for falls, elopement, self-harm, and visible symptoms of serious illness with reliable, high-fidelity video and AI alerts. When you need to speak with a patient directly, use polite entry to respect patients’ privacy.

Flexible hardware configurations

Choose from AvaSure’s flexible, configurable hardware solutions and share your streaming video feed with technology partners.

Advanced vision capabilities

Replace 1:1 sitters, free up staff hours, and catch risky events before they affect patient outcomes using the platform’s advanced computer vision capabilities.

Reduce burnout

Retain top nursing and support staff with technology that improves their everyday work lives. AvaSure is proven to reduce the burden on clinicians, optimize scheduling and training, and make it easy for nursing leaders to mentor others without having to be on site.

Technical Support

Where clinical expertise meets enterprise IT

AvaSure customers enjoy ongoing technical support and clinical guidance to develop a vision for virtual care across every facility.

Ongoing clinical guidance

  • Dedicated clinical success manager helps set goals and develop a program
  • Onboarding team facilitates smooth change management
  • Clinical advisory team provides ongoing program reviews and helps you scale over time

Enterprise tech support

  • Dedicated project manager guides you through workflow design and deployment
  • 24/7 US-based technical support with rapid response times
  • Proactive device monitoring

“Our virtual deterioration program [powered by AvaSure] has helped save the lives of 786 patients.”

— Dr. Hemali Patel, Associate CMO, UCHealth

The AvaSure difference

AvaSure partners with every top 10 healthcare system in the US across over a thousand facilities and deployments.

AvaSure transforms virtual care

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