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We purposefully designed a virtual care platform that aligns with nursing while offloading burden and optimizing your IT teams. Based on best practices from our work with over 1,000 hospitals, our platform is designed to grow with you. With AvaSure’s Virtual Care Platform you can lead your organization into a future where cutting edge technology and compassionate care converge.

with investments you've already made

Designed to Grow With You

Clinically Relevant AI
Cloud Deployment
Combine the power of AvaSure with your existing EHR, care communications or nurse call systems to deliver information seamlessly to the right endpoints optimizing your care flow.

Integration options include:

Inbound order messages from EHR (Epic, etc.) directly to your AvaSure TeleSitter® 
- Removing the need for paper orders and creating efficiency by reducing documentation burden on nursing teams

Outbound Stat alarm routing to various clinical endpoints
- Endpoints include mobile devices, nurse calls systems and more directing your teams to where they’re needed most
- The average AvaSure Stat alarm response time is ~17 seconds, improving patient outcomes in the most critical cases

Episodic Virtual Nursing via Epic-CAL
- Launch a virtual nursing call directly from Epic, streamlining workflows and allowing virtual staff to document simultaneously improving patient and nurse experience
- Available via the Epic Connection Hub

AvaSure believes that AI can have a major impact on healthcare delivery when deployed thoughtfully but can create more issues than it solves when done so carelessly. We set high standards for safety and alert fatigue in developing our AI enhancements and choose to partner with leading vendors where best-in-class capabilities already exist, layering them into our offering versus creating our own solutions.

AI enhancements include:

AI Powered Fall & Elopement Detection
- Utilizes AvaSure’s AI technology to highlight patients in the TeleSitter® Platform at risk for falls and elopement, drawing attention from the Virtual Safety Attendant to reduce cognitive burden and improve patient outcomes

Falls Risk Assessment Score Powered by Kinometrix
- Utilize proven predictive analytics to review data in the EHR to better identify potential high-risk patients for admission into the TeleSitter program

Fall & Elopement Detection Powered by Ouva AI
- Allows for the automatic detection of fall & elopement risk based on ‘reason for monitoring’ of patients in the AvaSure TeleSitter Platform utilizing Ouva’s market leading AI solution
- Automatically indicates when a fall is detected for any patient, regardless of reason for monitoring helping to document adverse events when they do occur and decrease nursing response times

For customers looking to eliminate server costs and utilize cloud-based technology for their programs, AvaSure offers options in both a hosted and non-hosted cloud environment based on hospital preference.

With these options you can:

Customer Hosted Cloud Deployment
- Increase agility & flexibility allowing for faster program expansion
- Manage increasing resource demands more easily
- Realize potential cost savings
- Eliminate unnecessary hardware costs
- Unlock the potential for improved performance and scalability

AvaSure Hosted Cloud Deployment
- Reduce Hospital IT resources required to manage and maintain servers
- AvaSure staff will manage: Server Anti-Virus, Daily/weekly backups and restoration, & Microsoft patches

Online Reporting of Nursing Analytics (ORNA) is the only comparative database of its kind — the first data set on patient safety and cost reduction that is at the intersection of the patient/family/caregiver experience of care.

The Benefits of ORNA®

Actionable Intelligence
Gain insights into a complex patient population, share program success with hospital leadership and beyond, and identify areas for targeted improvement.

The Data You Need, When You Need It
A real-time dashboard for clinical triage and decision-making, hospital-specific data to inform adverse event investigations, and the ability to run comparison reports.

Hospital Comparisons
Compare results on utilization, alarm rates, staff interventions, effectiveness of interventions, and bedside staff responsiveness.

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The Benefits of AvaSure Platform

Increased Staff Satisfaction & Safety

Optimized Productivity

Increased Patient Quality

Reduced Labor Costs

Why Choose AvaSure?

Virtual Care Platform for Virtual Nursing and Virtual Sitting

Read more about our unified Virtual Care Platform for Virtual Sitting + Virtual Nursing and how it can lead your organization to a future where cutting edge technology and compassionate care converge
AvaSure Guardian® 2-Way Mobile Device with virtual nurse

Top Lessons Learned from Implementing 1000 Virtual Monitoring Programs

Thinking about building your own platform? Learn why DIY-ing virtual care may not be as easy at it seem
TeleSitter sitting at computer monitoring patients

AvaSure TeleSitter Solution

How it works, who is it for?
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