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How Holzer Improved Care While Progressing from Virtual Sitting to Virtual Nursing

Holzer Health System implemented virtual sitting to free up CNA and bedside nurses for other care activities. The success of the program saved costs and improved patient and staff satisfaction. From there, Holzer progressed to virtual nursing by utilizing the same technology to further cost savings and enhance patient and staff satisfaction.

How St. Luke’s Saved $1.5M

Like many health systems across the country, St. Luke’s faced challenges associated with staffing such as a tightening labor market, increasing competition for experienced healthcare workers, and rising costs. To overcome these barriers, St. Luke’s decided to implement a virtual sitting solution, which would enable it to decrease the use of costly one-to-one sitters to monitor at-risk patients and achieve a quick ROI.

CHS Achieves a stunning 76% decrease in falls

Explore their journey of virtual patient monitoring from evaluation to implementation to outcomes, including a significant reduction in falls, zero patient falls with injuries in 2022, and improved staffing efficiencies.

How UCHealth scaled its virtual care program and saved 786 lives

UCHealth expanded their use of AvaSure’s virtual care solutions to create a program called Virtual Deterioration. Now they are able to identify patients who were deteriorating sooner in order to provide rescue and treatment faster, reducing code blues by up to 70%.

Trinity Health drives $23M in labor cost savings with virtual monitoring

Trinity Health scaled a program across the enterprise to improve the safety of at-risk patients and optimize labor costs. Since implementing virtual monitoring, the healthcare system has saved $23 million in labor costs.

From Data to Action: How Enloe Health Turned Insights into Results

Enloe Health’s collaboration with AvaSure resulted in transformative improvements in patient care delivery. By leveraging analytics-driven insights and implementing strategic initiatives, Enloe Health achieved remarkable reductions in sitter hours, significant cost savings, and enhanced patient safety. This success underscores the power of partnership, innovation, and data-driven decision-making in healthcare optimization.

Clinically proven outcomes across the US

Through more than 150 customer-generated presentations and studies, AvaSure users have shared powerful stories of decreased patient falls, fewer staff injuries and lower labor costs.

Ochsner Health System

New Orleans, LA

Reduces patient falls in 11 hospitals by 51%

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Palmetto Health

Columbia, SC

Saved almost $2 million in a year

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University of San Diego Health

San Diego, CA

Saved $2.5 million in two years

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Luminis Health Anne Arundel Medical Center

Annapolis, MD

Saved $212K in first year by expanding to pediatric populations

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University of Wisconsin

Madison WI

Continuous Virtual Monitoring is feasible and less costly than 1:1 supervision without negatively impacting LOS or weight gain

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Houston Methodist Baytown

Baytown, TX

Saved $300,000 in the first six months

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TidalHealth Nanticoke & Peninsula Regional

Seaford, DE

Saved $425,000 in first six months

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Gaylord Specialty

Wallingford, CT

Decreased sitter hours by 90% over 20 months

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SUNY Upstate University Hospital

Syracuse, NY

Gave back 4,544 hours to patient care per pay period

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Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Boston, MA

Eliminated use of patient restraints

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Holzer Health System

Gallipolis, OH

Decreased infant drops

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SunnyView Rehabilitation Hospital

Schenectady, NY

81% of staff reported a positive benefit

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Valley Health System

Paramus, NJ

Reduced falls with injury by 50% while saving over $1 million

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Wolfson Children’s Hospital

Jacksonville FL

Monitored <1,000 pediatric patients and achieved $250K ROI in the first year

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Beacon Health

South Bend, IN

Zero adverse events found in study of 500+ Patients

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Northern Westchester Hospital

Mt. Kisco, NY

60% decrease in fall rate

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Great catch stories from the frontlines

72% of accounts see outcomes in less than 6 months

“AvaSure provides a platform that allows us to provide real-time monitoring, both for fall prevention and for scaling expert nursing across our healthcare systems. We have a two-way audio, one-way visual setup, but AvaSure also has a two-way visual setup that customers can purchase.”

— Director August 2023

“They [hospitals] should use AvaSure. AvaSure is available, and they are responsive, so customers should tap into them. AvaSure has a wealth of experience from working at all the different sites that they support and serve.”

—VP/other executive August 2023

“AvaSure’s chief nursing officer drives research and is very interested in it. That is a really positive thing about the company because they are not just about the product. They are really trying to focus on patient safety and the outcomes. That is important. AvaSure should continue to drive things, especially as they are looking at their AI solution, pushing alerts to the staff, and integrating with EMRs that hospitals are using.”

—Director June 2023

“Our sitter hours have improved while using this solution. We have been able to compare the sitting hours to the camera hours. The reduction in fall rates at the hospitals is something we are tracking, and according to the literature, everybody who has used this tool has reported a reduction in falls. There is also a reduction in elopements and medical device interference.”

—Director August 2023

“AvaSure has done a really good job because they have made their hardware nimble enough to support not only virtual observation functions but also virtual nursing concepts. The vendor is making resources available for a variety of different services and applications.”

—VP/other executive August 2023

Peer reviewed journals

Virtual Sitting a Resource Gain for Nurses, Study Finds

Study in Western Journal of Nursing Research reveals virtual sitting is a valued resource with positive effects on nurse burnout.

Providence Saint Peter Hospital Reports a Reduction in Violence

Nursing leadership at Providence St. Peter implemented AvaSure virtual sitting as part of their STARS toolkit for improving the safety of its continuous monitoring staff. Once up and running, staff reported a reduction in violence, feeling safer in general, and an improvement in patient care.

Oregon Health and Sciences University frees up resources and prevents over 2700 falls per month

Nursing leadership at the Magnet-designated medical center implemented virtual sitting to enhance patient safety. The platform also saved the hospital nearly $200 in the first year alone.

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