Integrate with your EHR, nurse call systems, and messaging services on an open, scalable platform.

Inbound patient and staff data

Send inbound messages directly from your EHR to eliminate the need for paper workflows and automatically enroll patients in virtual care programs.

Outbound alarms and event data

Accelerate response times by routing stat alarms to other alarm or communication systems already in use on the nursing unit. HL7 integration can send stat alarms to middleware, nurse call, care communications, and interactive patient console vendors.

Send patient monitoring timelines as well as information about stat alarms, interventions, and response times back into your EHR for tracking and reporting purposes.

Partnership API for device access

Avoid redundant technology and extend the value of other tools. AvaSure customers can use our API to offer secure, controlled access to outbound audio and video, inbound two-way video and speaker access, and PTZ controls.

Episodic Virtual Nursing via Epic CAL

Launch a virtual nursing call directly from Epic, streamlining workflows and allowing virtual staff to document simultaneously improving patient and nurse experience.
Available via the Epic Showroom

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