Flexible virtual care devices

AvaSure devices are specially-designed, modular configurations of the best cameras and audio systems to fit the unique needs of your facilities.

Open and Scalable

Connectivity in every room

Integrate AvaSure hardware, smart medical devices, and other partner technologies on a platform that makes seamless virtual care a reality.

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A dedicated clinical onboarding manager helps shape your implementation strategy 

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AvaSure’s technical onboarding team provisions, tests, and ensures the performance of devices

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Ongoing support device monitoring avoids downtime and maximizes adoption

AvaSure Devices

AvaSure Guardian® Two-Way Video

The two-way video devices are mobile devices outfitted with 360° pan/tilt/zoom cameras with 1080p resolution and constructed from cast and extruded aluminum, steel, and molded thermoplastics for the optimal balance of weight and durability. This device is also equipped with a high-resolution display and touchscreen for two-way video calling. Also available as a one-way device, without the high-resolution display.

AvaSure Guardian® Ceiling Device

Ceiling devices are permanently installed in each room to provide an extra layer of safety and reliability. Equipped with a compact audio system, 360° camera, and options for ceiling tile or drywall installation.

Guardian Access® device

The Guardian Access® is a compact, 16” wall-mounted device with a high definition cable connection for two-way video via a hospital television. It comes with power, privacy, and wireless indicators.

Our catalog of AvaSure devices combines high-fidelity cameras, AI sensors, and rapid video streaming that make virtual patient care feel natural.

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