KLAS Report Recognizes AvaSure as a Complete Virtual Care Platform That Improves Patient Safety while Reducing Costs & Staff Workloads

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August 23, 2023

Survey of AvaSure customers reveals that 100% would purchase virtual care platform again, 72% achieve outcomes in six months or less.

Survey of AvaSure customers reveals that 100% would purchase virtual care platform again, 72% achieve outcomes in six months or less.

BELMONT, Mich., Aug. 23, 2023 — AvaSure, the market leader in acute virtual care and remote safety monitoring, announced today that a new report from KLAS revealed high customer satisfaction with the company’s virtual care platform. KLAS reported on AvaSure in September 2021, and the new report offers a second look at how the overall customer experience has improved over the last two years.

The Second Look Performance report, which is based on structured interviews with AvaSure customers, revealed that all interviewed customers are satisfied to highly satisfied, saying AvaSure has continued to improve and deliver on its product, and that every respondent would buy again.

Customers highlighted the AvaSure platform’s ability to deliver a noticeable improvement on patient-safety outcomes, reduce falls and fall-related injuries, decrease the number of sitters required, and catch patient complications earlier. 72% of surveyed customers told KLAS they achieve outcomes in six months or less and 36% achieve outcomes immediately.

Additionally, AvaSure’s platform received top marks from customers across a wide range of categories, including ease of use, quality of implementation, quality of training, integration approach, and delivering its money’s worth. 100% of AvaSure customers told KLAS they would purchase the virtual care platform again.

“We are proud to have earned top marks from KLAS again and would like to thank our customers for their partnership in improving patient safety while reducing staff workloads,” said Adam McMullin, CEO, AvaSure. “AvaSure provides the most clinically proven solution on the market and we are committed to helping our customers achieve a step function improvement in their results. Beyond industry-leading technology, AvaSure has a dedicated clinical team that partners with our customers and is even further ahead when it comes to clinical evidence of success in solving patient and staff safety and nursing resource challenges that health systems are facing today.”

AvaSure offers an innovative virtual care model that integrates virtual staff into current clinical workflows to enhance the work experience for bedside nurses and elevate the quality of patient care they deliver while also reducing labor costs.

AvaSure customer quotes from the KLAS report:

  • “AvaSure has done a really good job because they have made their hardware nimble enough to support not only virtual observation functions but also virtual nursing concepts. The vendor is making resources available for a variety of different services and applications.” — Vice President, August 2023
  • “AvaSure’s chief nursing officer drives research and is very interested in it. That is a really positive thing about the company because they are not just about the product. They are really trying to focus on patient safety and the outcomes. That is important. AvaSure should continue to drive things, especially as they are looking at their AI solution, pushing alerts to the staff, and integrating with EMRs that hospitals are using.” — Director, August 2023
  • “Our sitter hours have improved while using this solution. We have been able to compare the sitting hours to the camera hours. The reduction in fall rates at the hospitals is something we are tracking, and according to the literature, everybody who has used this tool has reported a reduction in falls. There is also a reduction in elopements and medical device interference.” —Director, August 2023

Additionally, customers noted that AvaSure’s strengths include:

  • Hardware is more versatile beyond virtual observation
  • Product research is focused on patient safety outcomes
  • Outcomes from the platform are clear and quickly realized

KLAS is a research organization that helps healthcare providers make informed technology decisions by offering impartial vendor performance information.

AvaSure can be used for more than preventing patient falls. Download a new AvaSure white paper on virtual monitoring for low-to-moderate suicide risk patients. 

About AvaSure

AvaSure provides the leading hospital virtual care platform to systems with nursing and staffing shortages that are challenged to significantly reduce labor costs without sacrificing patient health outcomes. Recognized by KLAS Research as the leader in reducing the cost of patient care, AvaSure is the pioneer in providing best-in-class, video-based AvaSure TeleSitter® and TeleNurse™ solutions. As a trusted partner of more than 1,000 hospitals, AvaSure combines remote patient monitors, virtual nurses and other providers on a single platform to enhance clinical care without placing any additional burdens on existing staff. To learn more about AvaSure visit www.avasure.com.

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Ready to get started?

Get in touch with an AvaSure representative to learn more about AvaSure's AI-enabled virtual care solutions.