AI in Healthcare webinar

AI in Healthcare: Fact vs Fiction with Baptist Health  

Join us for an insightful webinar on the responsible and ethical use of AI in healthcare with Aaron Miri, Senior VP and Chief Digital and Information Officer of Baptist Health and Elizabeth Gunn, VP of Patient Services for Baptist Medical Center South.  Elizabeth and Aaron will discuss how to prepare your hospital culture before implementing AI, the relevant uses to help extend your staff, and some of the common misconceptions. Register for the webinar to learn about: 

  1. Demystifying AI: Addressing misconceptions and highlighting AI’s true role as a supportive tool to support clinicians at the bedside. 
  2. Augmenting Clinical Staff: Strategies to alleviate staffing shortages with AI, ensuring it extends, not replaces, caregivers.  
  3. Real-World Applications at Baptist: Learn about AI-driven solutions for sepsis identification, fall prevention, and more.  

Register now to secure your spot and explore how AI can augment your clinical operations and help extend the reach of your staff.  

July 31, 12:00pm - July 31, 2024 1:00pm EDT

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