AvaSure for nursing leaders

Delivering care in today's environment can be challenging. Nursing leaders at hospitals across the country are seeing improvements from virtual sitting, virtual nursing, and data integrations that make it easier to do the work they love.

Defining the future of virtual care

The AvaSure platform was built to seamlessly blend virtual and in-person care. Our secure, reliable infrastructure, continuous and episodic care solutions, and expert clinical support team makes it easy for nursing leaders to implement their vision for virtual patient care.

Ease staffing and retention challenges

Rising labor costs and vacancy rates make virtual clinical work more valuable than ever. AvaSure was rated #1 in reducing labor costs by KLAS, with outcomes supported by clinical evidence from over 150 customers.

Reduce 1:1 sitting by 75% or more
Complete common tasks remotely
Take nurse mentoring online
Free up staff hours for other work

Learn from intelligent analytics

Track usage and benchmark your performance against hospitals across the US. AvaSure analytics help you understand your virtual care journey based on our standardized adoption model, built based on comparative data from over 130M hours of patient monitoring across hundreds of facilities.

The AvaSure adoption model

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See AvaSure in action

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