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From Data to Action: How Enloe Health Turned Insights into Results


decrease in 1:1 sitter hours


patient monitoring hours from March 2022 to April 2024

$2.1 million

cost savings in 1 year

About Enloe Health Medical Center

Located in the heart of Chico, California, Enloe Health is an independent nonprofit healthcare system dedicated to providing a wide range of medical services. With a mission to elevate the health of the communities they serve, Enloe prioritizes delivering exceptional healthcare experiences. Enloe Health Medical Center serves as a prominent 298-bed Level II Trauma Center, catering to critical care needs in the region.


Enloe Health, committed to innovation and patient-centered care, embarked on a transformative journey in partnership with AvaSure. By implementing the AvaSure TeleSitter® solution, Enloe Health aimed to increase the number of patients monitored for falls while reducing reliance on traditional 1:1 sitters, which was straining resources at the bedside. With a focus on enhancing patient safety and staff satisfaction, Enloe Health set ambitious goals for its virtual care program. The primary objectives were to reduce sitter hours and reallocate staff to bedside care to improve staff satisfaction, and to significantly decrease fall rates, thereby enhancing patient safety.


Analytics-Driven Evaluation: Enloe Health utilized AvaSure’s analytics and dashboards to assess the effectiveness of their virtual care program. By looking at the data, they were able to identify underutilization of devices and created strategies to improve program engagement. 

Strategic Initiatives: Enloe Health implemented two pivotal strategies to boost program utilization. Firstly, they enforced a mandatory virtual sitter trial to ensure prompt enrollment of eligible patients. Secondly, they established a gatekeeper role to approve usage of a virtual sitter based on thorough patient assessments and adherence to policies.

Partnership with AvaSure: Enloe Health collaborated closely with AvaSure’s customer success team to learn best practices and implement proven clinical strategies to promote utilization. They leveraged AvaSure’s expertise to refine their approach and maximize program efficacy. 


Significant Reduction in 1:1 Sitter Hours: From March 2022 to December 2023, Enloe Health witnessed a 56% decrease in 1:1 sitter hours – an average monthly reduction of 49%. In return, this also led to  substantial cost savings, estimated at $2.1 million in savings.

Increase in Virtual Sitting Hours: During the same period, Enloe Health saw a notable increase in virtual sitting monitoring hours, totaling 148,502. This freed up approximately ten 1:1 sitters per shift that could be returned to the bedside or allocated elsewhere in the hospital.

Sustained Success: From March 2022 to April 2024, Enloe Health recorded over 180,000 patient monitoring hours, continuing the trend of scaling the reach of their virtual sitting program to more patients while reducing reliance on in-person staff.

Graph of Enloe Health's Patient monitoring vs 1:1 Sitter hours
Enloe Health sitter hour results from March 2022 to March 2024


Enloe Health’s collaboration with AvaSure resulted in transformative improvements in patient care delivery. By leveraging analytics-driven insights and implementing strategic initiatives, Enloe Health achieved remarkable reductions in sitter hours, significant cost savings, and enhanced patient safety. This success underscores the power of partnership, innovation, and data-driven decision-making in healthcare optimization. 

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