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AvaSure Analytics™ Portal Launches with National Database of Comparative Provider Data

AvaSure Analytics

AvaSure Analytics helps providers benchmark virtual care program performance against 800+ hospitals

BELMONT, Mich., [April 8, 2024] — On the heels of its breakthrough innovation with the AvaSure Episodic solution that allows hospitals to transform their virtual care model, AvaSure, has announced significant enhancements to its industry-leading analytics portal that further advances its AI-powered Intelligent Virtual Care platform. The AvaSure Analytics™ portal has been revamped with Microsoft PowerBI tools that enable healthcare providers to conduct deep analysis of critical metrics. As the only comparative database of its kind, AvaSure enables benchmarking an organization’s virtual care program performance against more than 800 hospitals nationwide, including a wide range of sizes and types, to drive care quality improvements and return on investment.

“The AvaSure platform has logged over 145 million hours monitoring nearly 2 million patients across the country, consistently delivering program results that improve patient safety while reducing costs,” said Adam McMullin, CEO of AvaSure. “In addition to delivering measurable labor cost savings by reducing the need for 1:1 sitters by 75%, AvaSure gives hospitals actionable insights based on their own data to further reduce the risk of falls, elopement, workplace violence, and other events. Plus, it allows them to assess the health of their virtual care program by comparing their performance against similar organizations, such as academic medical centers or pediatric hospitals, to track performance against relevant targets.” 

Amid persistent staffing shortages and rising pressure to control costs, virtual care has become essential for hospitals looking to adapt. The AvaSure platform enables organizations to seamlessly blend remote and in-person treatment at scale, leveraging AI to use resources more efficiently, respond faster to patient needs, and let clinical teams focus on the work they love. With insightful analytics, healthcare providers gain: 

  • Actionable Intelligence: With clear insights into labor cost savings, patient demographics, utilization, alarm rates, staff interventions, adverse events prevented and more, organizations can identify and target areas for improvement by care unit and staff member.
  • Clear Results: Straightforward visualizations make it easy to equip leadership to communicate program highlights, ROI, and successes. 
  • Macro to Micro Analysis: Users can view data at the program level and easily drill down into data for care units and individual virtual safety attendants for a granular understanding of performance and opportunities for data-driven intervention strategies. 
  • Comparative Advantage: Organizations can view benchmarks by the national average and by organization type (e.g., academic medical centers, Magnet®-designated hospitals, Veterans Administration, rehabilitation facilities, critical access hospitals, etc.) to see how they stack up.

“With such straightforward, intuitive access to advanced analytics, the AvaSure platform helps our clients take their virtual care programs to the next level,” said Lisbeth Votruba, MSN, RN, AvaSure’s chief clinical officer. “It’s never been easier for our clients to quantify the value they are receiving, based on both their own metrics and against similar organizations. The latest analytics portal release is an investment in AvaSure’s virtual care platform that demonstrates our commitment to innovation and delighting our customers. By partnering with AvaSure, our customers can be sure that we are going to continue to push the envelope with the latest technology and develop solutions that delight stakeholders across the organization – clinical, IT, and finance.”

The AvaSure Intelligent Virtual Care platform gives organizations flexibility in the use of virtual care solutions that reduce labor costs while ensuring high-quality patient care. Clinicians can admit and discharge patients, engage with them bedside, and monitor them remotely at scale no matter where they are, relieving the onsite team and seamlessly integrating in-person and virtual workflows. AvaSure continuously innovates in the virtual care space while demonstrating a proven record of clinical outcomes with AI-powered continuous monitoring, episodic care, and analytics that help to drive real results.

To learn more about AvaSure analytics, click here or stop by AvaSure’s AONL booth #1112 in New Orleans, April 8-11.


About AvaSure

AvaSure® is an intelligent virtual care platform that healthcare providers use to engage with patients, optimize staffing, and seamlessly blend remote and in-person care at scale. The platform deploys AI-powered virtual sitting and virtual nursing solutions, meets the highest enterprise IT standards, integrates seamlessly with technology partners, and drives measurable outcomes. AvaSure consistently delivers a 6x ROI and has been recognized by KLAS Research as the #1 solution for reducing the cost of care. With a team of 15% nurses, AvaSure is a trusted partner of 1,100+ hospitals with experience in over 5,000 deployments.

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Introducing the New AvaSure Analytics™ Portal for Virtual Care Insights

AvaSure Analytics™ Portal

Join us for an exclusive webinar where we reveal the latest enhancement to AvaSure’s Intelligent Virtual Care Platform! 

At AvaSure, our dedication to providing the best for our customers drives everything we do. That’s why our team completely revamped the AvaSure analytics™ portal, offering our customers a smoother experience and providing crucial insights that propel their virtual care programs to the next level.

Join this webinar to:

  • Learn how you can uncover deeper insights by comparing data across hospitals, care units, and virtual safety attendants for comprehensive analysis.
  • See how you can stay informed with hourly data, keeping you in sync with your program’s performance.
  • Discover how you can benchmark your program against 800+ hospitals to see how you stack up.

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  • Jill Kaminski, MS, Clinical Data & Systems Analyst at AvaSure
  • Lindsey Debernardi, BSN, RN, Customer Success Advisor at AvaSure

AvaSure: Drive Performance Improvement with ORNA®

AvaSure: Drive Performance Improvement with ORNA®

ORNA® (Online Reporting of Nursing Analytics) helps healthcare leaders make informative decisions about their organization and patients. Learn how the AvaSure database drives performance improvement and can help predict and prevent adverse events in a national way.

Learn how 1 million patients represent nearly 70 million monitoring hours in the ORNA® database. During those hours, more than 7 million adverse events were prevented.

For more information about ORNA® and how you may be able to better utilize data within your TeleSitting® program, please reach out to

Numbers Worth a Party!

If you were to sit at our family dinner table in the evenings, you would quickly realize I find joy in celebrating achievements large or small. Whether it is success on a school assignment, learning to play an instrument or a new piece of music, or getting a promotion at work, I believe that all successes are worthy of recognition.

This is why it was so personally and professionally satisfying recently to share with my AvaSure colleagues a milestone in our Online Reporting of Nursing Analytics (ORNA®) program. For those who may not know it, ORNA® is a key differentiator in the services we offer our customers. It is the only comparative performance database in remote patient safety monitoring. Its data has been used in a number of clinical studies by customers to showcase results and by many more to improve their AvaSure program.

So I donned a party hat and blew a party whistle to commemorate the occasion – the 1 millionth patient discharged from ORNA®, an event that occurred on Feb. 24. To put this into context for my visual friends, if those patients were lying head-to-toe in their hospital beds, they would stretch from Belmont, Mich., AvaSure’s headquarters, to the University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque (and a customer!).

Those 1 million patients represent nearly 70 million monitoring hours in the ORNA® database. During those hours, more than 7 million adverse events were prevented. With the use of the TeleSitting technology, patients have been saved from the harm of a fall or eloping from their room. Medical devices stayed put instead of being yanked out by a confused patient and having to be reinserted by staff. Another thing to feel good about is knowing clinical staff were saved from much verbal and physical harm.

Of course, in the past two years, we documented thousands of COVID patients being watched around the clock by staff who did not have to don PPE and risk exposure to the coronavirus on many occasions, or knew the instant a patient needed an intervention.

ORNA® provides a data community for our customers. AvaSure program managers have the ability to review their metrics and celebrate milestones whether it be percent of room units in use, reaching a safe Stat alarm response time average at the hospital or care unit level or comparing their hospital to peers to see where they are ahead of the curve and what needs improving.

ORNA® allows program managers to export graphs and share them hospital-wide with key stakeholders within the program. These results are often part of executive-level dashboards as key performance indicators. This is how we improve safety and quality over time.

For more information about ORNA® and how you may be able to better utilize data within your TeleSitting program, please reach out to And we encourage you to celebrate success every chance you get.

Jill Kaminski is AvaSure’s Clinical Data and Systems Analyst

AvaSure Enhances Online Reporting Software, Allows Like-Hospital Data Comparison

Online Reporting of Nursing Analytics

MUSKEGON, Mich., March 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — AvaSure, a leading provider of virtual patient safety monitoring systems, today announced new features of its Online Reporting of Nursing Analytics (ORNA®) software.

ORNA®, AvaSure’s unique comparative database on safety, quality and the experience of care, provides a real-time dashboard for day-to-day clinical triage; hospital-specific data to investigate adverse events; and the ability to run comparison reports with similar hospitals.

The updated software – available early 2021 – allows for comparisons of performance to be more focused, helping to improve outcomes through its TeleSitter® Solution. TeleSitter, an interactive audio/video solution, allows hospitals and other clinical care environments to monitor inpatients to prevent patient harm, protect staff from violent patients and visitors, and enhance nursing resources.

“ORNA® now enables users to run their own comparisons on utilization and alarm rates, and monitor staff interventions and their effectiveness, as well as bedside staff responsiveness,” said Lisbeth Votruba, MSN, RN, chief clinical innovation officer of AvaSure. “Users can compare data with similar organizations nationally or regionally, by market type and filtered by care units or specific groups. This allows the user to educate, evaluate and optimize performance of their TeleSitting program – to see how they stack up relative to similar hospitals.”

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