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Elevating Care.

AvaSure’s Nurse-Elevated Care Model extends the reach of bedside nurses, giving them more time for direct, hands-on patient care and resulting in reduced costs.
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The most proven, scalable virtual care platform that significantly lowers hospital labor costs
AvaSure offers a virtual care model that integrates virtual staff into current clinical workflows to enhance the work experience for bedside nurses and elevate the quality of patient care they deliver while also reducing labor costs.

Featured Clinical Evidence

The AvaSure Nurse-Elevated Care Model is supported by a vast number of peer-reviewed journal articles, posters, and podium presentations, and has clinical evidence of improved patient care and safety that has been documented in more than 150 case studies.

Clinical Evidence
Development and Psychometric Testing of the Remote Visual Monitoring Acceptance Tool
A large academic medical center reported a significant reduction in patient falls after implementing a video monitoring system for six months. Video monitoring had direct correlation to annual sitter reduction savings.
Clinical Evidence
Continuous Video Monitoring: Readiness for Growth
Video monitoring supports a culture of safety at large academic medical centers for at-risk populations
Clinical Evidence
Making the Case for Centralized Monitoring
Clinical and financial ROI at Ochsner Health Using the TeleSitter Solution
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