Virtual Nursing 101: A Look at the Basics

Revolutionizing the TeleNurse™ Solution

Introducing the Nurse Elevated Care Model from AvaSure

An augmented care environment where a virtual team provides support – offloading documentation burden, providing a second set of eyes on complex patients and helping to close growing experience/complexity gap in nursing – to the bedside team. This model of care helps health systems reduce labor costs while liberating their bedside nurses to provide elevated, hands-on patient care.

52% of nurses are considering leaving the bedside, at a time where there are 1.1M+ vacancies. Hospital leadership knows they need a change, 83% are considering virtual nursing as a solution but don’t know where to start.

We call this the Nurse Elevated Care Model because it does just that – elevates your nursing team for optimal care.

Learn how AvaSure customers have used the Nurse Elevated Care Model to achieve results

March 24, 12:00am - March 24, 2023 11:00pm EDT

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