Introducing the Nurse Elevated Care Model

Reduce labor costs and allow nurses to practice top of license with a virtually supported care model

Read our white paper on how the Nurse Elevated Care Model can help reduce labor costs and allow bedside nurses to spend more hands-on time with patients. 


Nursing shortages, patient acuity increase and an uptick in behavioral health challenges have created a perfect storm in healthcare. Nurses are being stretched too thin, constantly asked to do more with less resulting in 52% of nurses considering leaving the bedside when shortages are already at an all time high. This environment forces hospital leadership to think differently about how technology can help create a new model of care delivery.

Introducing the Nurse Elevated Care Model by AvaSure. An augmented care environment where a virtual team provides support – offloading documentation burden, providing a second set of eyes on complex patients and helping to close growing experience/complexity gap in nursing – to the bedside team. This model of care helps health systems reduce labor costs while liberating their bedside nurses to provide elevated, hands-on patient care.

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