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Expand the reach of your care teams with Virtual Nursing

Optimize labor, expedite nursing tasks, and drive long-term improvements in patient care with a virtually supported care model.

In the face of nursing shortages and escalating patient acuity, healthcare is in a perfect storm. Nurses are burdened with increasing demands and 52% are contemplating leaving the bedside. This environment is forcing hospital leadership to think differently about how technology can help create a new model of care delivery.

Virtual Nursing offers an augmented care environment where a virtual team supports bedside nurses and elevates hands-on patient care. AvaSure’s virtual care platform can assist staff with:

  • Assistance with documentation
  • Specialty consults
  • Sepsis and deterioration detection/prevention
  • Novice nurse mentoring

Download the use case study to learn how this model of care can help your health system reduce labor costs and support bedside nurses.

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