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AvaSure Virtual Symposium Recap – Day 1, September 23

Nurse Leadership

September 24, 2020

On September 23, AvaSure kicked off its third National Symposium in a virtual format as a result of COVID-19. These events bring together senior leaders, frontline staff and health policy experts to share best practices and new uses for continuous remote patient care. The symposium theme this year is Leading Through Change, which hospital systems and care networks have especially demonstrated throughout the continued challenges of the pandemic.

Brad Playford, AvaSure’s CEO, opened up the day by providing attendees with the latest news about the company and its role in the future of telehealth – which has been proven to be a critical, now more important than ever, force multiplier for healthcare providers and the patients we serve.

Keynote – Wes Moore
Following the opening remarks, attendees enjoyed an incredibly motivational discussion with first day’s keynote speaker, Wes Moore. Wes is currently the CEO of Robin Hood, one of the largest anti-poverty forces in the nation. As a bestselling author, a combat veteran, and social entrepreneur, his insight set the tone for an inspirational day.

Wes provided listeners with an abundance of experiences and examples on how to be a good leader during a time of change, resonating with the force who has been on the frontline of caring for patients who have COVID-19. Not only have health care systems and workers had to adapt to new environments and processes, they are consistently seeking innovative methods of care to keep everyone safe in today’s and future care applications.

Panel 1 – In Isolation BUT Not Alone
After the keynote presentation from Wes, our first panel of experts took the virtual stage. The panel topic, In Isolation BUT Not Alone, was moderated by Cathy Rick and included panelists from Mount Sinai Morningside, Sinai Health and Moanalua Medical.

This topic specifically covered the viewpoint from the respective hospitals and networks alike who are continuing to care for patients with COVID-19. AvaSure’s telehealth technology and remote monitoring system allows caregivers to isolate patients who have the virus, but also ensure an effective secure way to attend to them without risking potential spread and saving valuable resources like PPE.

Panelists expressed they continue to use AvaSure in COVID-19 settings as some unfortunately are experiencing increased case numbers. For example, when licensed teaching hospital Sinai Health had to prevent students from coming in for hands-on learning due to virus risks, they were still able to participate with AvaSure’s monitoring technology – similar to a live teaching simulation. A representative from Mount Sinai Morningside said their hospital used the audiovisual monitoring technology to allow infected patients to communicate with their families who were unable to visit them.

There continue to be new applications the TeleSitter can be used for, many of which have become an invaluable use during COVID-19.

Panel 2 – Preventing Disruptions
The second panel, Preventing Disruptions, was moderated by AvaSure’s Vice President of Clinical Quality & Innovation Lisbeth Votruba MSN, RN, and included participants from Elliot Health System and Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center. These healthcare leaders discussed the oftentimes overlooked but incredibly important topic of keeping health care workers safe and preventing workplace violence. Special guest Adrien Bardes, Manager of Public Safety, Piedmont Athens Regional also sat in on the panel to provide his expertise.

The experts walked through examples of remote interventions and the application of AvaSure’s telehealth system in keeping staff, patients, and families safe amid the continuing epidemic of illicit substance abuse and issues in behavioral health settings.

Audiovisual monitoring allows hospital staff to continuously monitor patients who might be suicidal, are experiencing drug and alcohol withdraws, could be at-risk of following and much more. This option keeps the patient in a secure and safe environment, alongside protecting the caregivers who interact with them.

Panel 3 – Tales from the Frontline
The final panel on symposium day one was brought back by popular demand! Moderator Pat Quigley, PhD spoke with the hands-on TeleSitter users at systems including Covenant Health, Providence St. Joseph Orange and Abington Hospital Jefferson Health.

The monitor staff revealed best practices, lessons learned and views from behind the camera on time spent watching at-risk patients. If there was one theme consistently expressed throughout this discussion, it was that the day-to-day application of the unique telehealth resource has proven to be a force multiplier in health care – both for patients, staff and their families.

Aside for COVID-19, the TeleSitter allows hospital staff to better connect with their patients and provide a safe and meaningful experience.

AvaSure sends a sincere thank you to our keynote, moderators, panelists and all participants who made the first day of our virtual symposium a success. In case you missed any of the presentations and would like to learn more, a recording of the symposium sessions will be available after the event.

We encourage you to join us today, September 24 from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. EST, as we continue the meaningful presentations and discussions on Leading Through Change. We will hear from experts on best practices is utilizing AvaSure’s technology, how the TeleSitter is used to keep suicidal patients and their caregivers safe, benefits of using our applications in pediatric care units, wrapped up with a presentation from keynote Dr. Kelly Posner Gerstenhaber. AvaSure is also looking forward to honoring the 2020 AvaPrize recipients on day two. Participants can follow along and engage with us on Twitter @AvaSure or our Symposium Facebook page www.facebook.com/groups/avasurecommunity.

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Get in touch with an AvaSure representative to learn more about AvaSure's AI-enabled virtual care solutions.