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AvaSure TeleNurseTM Solution

Offload documentation burden of admissions and discharges
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The AvaSure TeleNurseTM technology is made up of a two-way video device that supports personal interactions between virtual nurses and patients during important care tasks, such as admission and discharge, education, and consultations.

The flexible hardware and devices allow the virtual nurse to have full control of the patient view and gives the ability for close-ups during assessments and discussions.

  • Guardian® 2-Way Mobile Device
    360˚ View
    The Guardian® 2-way mobile device adds two-way video, designed for different types of providers to see and communicate with a patient from remote locations. The advanced 360° pan/tilt/zoom camera gives the provider full control of the patient view, and allows them to get an assessment that is as clear as in an in-person visit while simultaneously reviewing the patient's medical records. The purpose is to provide better care, promote efficiency, and save costs.
  • Guardian® 1-Way Mobile Device
    360˚ View
    The Guardian 1-way mobile device provides flexibility for your organization to easily wheel from room to room and is designed to be used in most clinical environments. The modernized device includes power, privacy, and wireless indicators to assure reliability and efficiency set up.
  • Guardian® Ceiling Device
    360˚ View
    The permanent ceiling devices are used throughout facilities to provide virtual care and an extra layer of safety you cannot afford to be without. AvaSure offers a permanent ceiling device in two options: a 2x2 drop ceiling tile or dry wall device, which is commonly used for monitoring behavioral health patients providing a tamper-resistant device.
  • Guardian Access®

    360˚ View
    AvaSure’s Guardian Access device is a compact, wall-mounted device that includes an HDMI connection to enable use of the hospital television for 2-way video connection. The 16" device includes power and privacy indicators to assure reliability and efficient setup. The Guardian Access wall device can be used with any of AvaSure’s software solutions.
  • AvaSure Verify™
    360˚ View
    With its high-resolution video and two-way audio with the patient room, AvaSure Verify™ allows staff to continuously visualize and communicate with patients wherever they may be in the hospital—such as the emergency department, isolation rooms, and the intensive care unit.

    Enables clinical bedside staff to view and communicate with patients who may be in isolation, decreasing the frequency that they must put on personal protective equipment and helping to avoid the spread of infectious diseases.
  • AvaSure Connect™
    360˚ View
    AvaSure Connect™ uses the same high-resolution audio-visual platform as the evidence-based TeleSitter® solution, with the additional benefit of an episodic streaming service. It’s designed to give clinical staff a flexible approach to patient visits that saves time and promotes productivity.

    The advanced 360° pan/tilt/zoom camera enables providers to conduct a virtual assessment that is as clear as an in-person assessment, while allowing them to simultaneously review the patient’s medical records.

The Benefits of the AvaSure TeleNurse™ Solution

High Quality of Care

A technical solution that provides the same quality of care as inpatient nurses.

Outcomes That Matter

A virtual care solution that actually delivers improved patient outcomes while increasing the bandwidth of the nursing staff.


A virtual care solution that can be trusted by the nursing team and by patients and their families.

Ease of Use

Reduce clerical overhead and concerns that nursing staff will have additional duties.

Why Choose AvaSure?

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