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Top Lessons Learned from Implementing 1000 Virtual Monitoring Programs

CIO’s and IT departments in health systems across the U.S. are charting the course towards a camera in every room, but how to get there isn’t as easy as it seems. Many think a camera is just a camera – and that off-the-shelf hardware will help them achieve their clinical goals. But AvaSure has learned from our 15+ years of experience in virtual care, that installing a camera is only one part of building a successful monitoring program.

Hear from the AvaSure Chief Technology Officer, Toby Eadelman, who helped build the AvaSure platform, and Clinical Implementation Manager, Wendy Pompa-Breen, RN, who helps customers build successful virtual care programs every day, on best practices for standing up a virtual care program that is results-oriented and outcome driven.

Learn how to lay the foundation today, for a successful camera-in-every-room program tomorrow. In this webinar you will:

  • Hear from industry leaders on what 1,000+ hospitals have tried, failed or succeed at along their virtual care journey
  • Learn best practices in developing the workflow management, policy & procedures and implementation guidelines necessary to gain clinical buy-in and support from front-line staff
  • Learn from our CTO why the AvaSure platform is different – making it an effective and efficient clinical tool, from its ability to function in any room to its ability to easily integrate with your EHR.


Toby Eadelman, AvaSure Chief Technology Officer
Wendy Popma-Breen, BSN, BS, RN, AvaSure Manager of Clinical Implementation Services

June 12, 12:00am - June 13, 2023 11:00pm EDT

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