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A proven approach to reducing patient falls while driving staffing efficiencies

In a time where staffing shortages are impacting patient safety, virtual sitting continues to be a proven alternative to 1:1 sitters.

It’s no secret that staffing shortages are having a significant impact on patient safety, particularly when it comes to preventing falls.

Hospitals across the nation have experienced dramatic improvements in fall and 1:1 sitter reduction by adopting the TeleSitter® solution. For example, Community Health Systems (CHS) achieved a remarkable 76% decrease in falls. Similarly, the VA North Texas reduced sitting costs by nearly 90%. These success stories are just a few bright lights among AvaSure’s successful customers.

Over the past decade, nursing research has not only established the feasibility and safety of virtual sitting but has also illuminated its superiority in achieving patient safety outcomes when compared to traditional one-to-one sitting. 

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