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Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital Unveils New Technology for the Betterment of Patients
Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital implements the TeleSitter® to provide a safer and higher experience of patient care, by allowing their nurses and Patient Care Associates (PCAs) to spend more time at the bedside, instead of being a 1:1 sitter, while high-risk patients are safely monitored

AvaSure’s TeleSitter® Technology is a system that is designed to connect caregivers more closely with patients and families while improving the quality of care delivered, according to Henry Mayo officials.

This new technology is part of Henry Mayo’s “Fall Prevention Program,” which is intended to keep patients safe and allow Henry Mayo patient care associates (PCAs) to spend more time caring for patients.

“We have specific patients that meet certain criteria that don’t need a physical body present, but can use the robot services from the AvaSure product,” said Jennifer Castaldo, Henry Mayo vice president and chief nursing officer. “The TeleSitter® devices will give our nurses and PCAs more time to spend with patients, while at the same time keeping our high-risk patients safer.”

Castaldo mentioned how the need for their PCAs to be bedside with patients is becoming more of a necessity.

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