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Decreasing falls and cutting costs in the LTACH setting
Gaylord Specialty Healthcare reveals inspiring results with the TeleSitter® solution

During AvaSure’s Digital Summit, Henry C. Hrdlicka, PhD, Director of Research, Milne Institute for Healthcare Innovation presented recent findings from Gaylord Specialty Healthcare’s TeleSitter® program. Watch here.

Inpatient falls are a universal safety concern in healthcare facilities, and their consequences can be devastating. This is especially a concern in the LTACH setting where individual risk is increased by anticipated longer lengths of stay & early and frequent encouragement of patient mobility. Up until now, 1:1 patient sitters have been the primary option for ensuring patient safety, however, staffing 1:1 sitters is a costly solution that can pull much needed hands from the bedside.

"Often the demand for 1:1 sitters outpaces staff availability. This accrues a massive financial burden on any institution. These factors have been further exacerbated due to ongoing national staffing shortages as well as the COVID-19 pandemic. This led us to the conclusion that an alternative needed to be found.”

Henry C. Hrdlicka, PhD, Director of Research, Milne Institute for Healthcare Innovation

Gaylord Specialty Healthcare, a rehabilitation-focused nonprofit healthcare system, embarked on a study to assess the impact of continuous virtual monitoring on inpatient falls and 1:1 sitter usage. In partnership with the Milne Institute for Healthcare Innovation, the study was carried out at Gaylord Hospital, a 137-bed Long-Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH), in Connecticut. The results of this research not only demonstrated a profound impact on patient safety but also revealed a promising opportunity for significant cost savings that can benefit healthcare facilities across the board.

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