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Best Practices for Centralized Virtual Sitting
In the face of rising staffing shortages, centralized virtual sitting models offer a scalable solution to keeping patients safe.
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Historically, health systems and hospitals have used "patient sitters" to provide one-on-one monitoring support for patients. This approach, however, is costly and inefficient in the face of ongoing staffing shortages. Whereas virtual sitters are a trusted, proven solution to keeping patients safe while reducing the burden on your bedside staff.  

Centralized virtual sitting models provide a solution to staffing shortages while ensuring patient safety. By implementing a hub and spoke model, healthcare systems can capture workforce efficiencies, reduce costs, and deliver improved patient outcomes.  

Centralized virtual sitting models are quickly becoming the norm and a proven way to extend the ROI of your TeleSitter® program. Download the latest guide for best practices curated from AvaSure’s team of seasoned nurses and clinical professionals with experience implementing over 1,100 successful programs. 

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