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Your Guide to the Future of Care Delivery: Virtual Nursing
Estimates predict the U.S. will see a shortfall of more than half a million nurses by 2030, leaving serious implications for care quality and availability.The pandemic sped up the timeline.
Now, the most proactive healthcare organizations are exploring initiatives to mitigate the effects of a growing labor shortage. Learn how central video monitoring enabled "virtual nurses" to support bedside nurses and uphold high standards of patient care amid a COVID-19 surge across Houston-based Memorial Hermann Health System.
Key learning points:
  • The basic components of virtual care, including the easy-to-use technology involved to interact with patients and bedside staff
  • The policies and workflows that best support virtual nursing staff and make for easy implementation
  • How virtual nurses can use specialized care resources to alleviate existing staff

Download the whitepaper  to learn more.                 

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