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AvaSure Symposium

Why Your Hospital Needs You to Attend the 2nd Annual AvaSure Symposium

By now you know you’re welcome to attend the 2nd Annual AvaSure Symposium. With the promise of hot-topic sessions such as nurse safety, suicide ideation and monitoring patients in post-acute settings, not to mention top-level keynote presenters and a chance to network with colleagues who are involved in virtual patient monitoring, how could you not want to go?

You’re ready to make your travel plans, but there is one important hurdle left to surmount – making the case within your organization. Your supervisor, finance department or someone else may need to sign off on your trip. Travel budgets are tight, so you need to show the true value of attending.

So here are a few tips and tools to help you make your case:

Letter of request template. It’s more than likely you’ll have to draft a letter or email to make your request to attend. We know you’re busy, so we’ve created a template for you to easily plug in information and submit to whomever needs to give approval. See it here.

Demonstrate financial responsibility. When making your case for attending the symposium, explain how you plan to be budget-conscious when traveling.

  • Registration is free, a nice place to start from, especially when conference registration is usually at least several hundred dollars.
  • If you are flying, start now to find the best rates. Visit CheapAir.com for tips on best times for purchasing tickets. Some travel sites will allow you to set up alerts on your phone when prices go up or down.
  • Sign up in time for the early-bird rate at the Symposium host hotel. The hotel is a short walk from the symposium and dining – no need for a rental car!
  • Check out ground transportation sites such as Uber and Lyft for discount codes. Many of them provide discounts for first-time riders. If you are OK using public transportation, the Grand Rapids transit system, The Rapid, takes you from the airport to downtown for only $1.75. Due to its many stops, plan your time accordingly.


Demonstrate the rewards of attendance. Your organization is making an investment in your professional development, so like any good investor they’re going to want to know what type of return they’ll receive. Review the content of the Symposium and compare it with your organization’s goals. Does your hospital have a high suicide-risk patient population? Is it trying to think of new ways to monitor these patients? Or maybe it is just looking at new ways to keep patients safe, or cut costs.

Let leaders know that by attending, you’ll show your organization is on the forefront of healthcare technology and committed to patient safety. You will have a seat at the table with other innovative institutions. Being able to exchange ideas and best practices will provide you with new insights for improving your AvaSys program.

Of course, you need to make plans with your team to cover anything that they need to do in your absence, such as picking up an extra shift.

With these tools and tips, you should have a strong case for attending the AvaSure Symposium. See you in October!