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Introducing the Nurse Elevated Care Model from AvaSure.

An augmented care environment where a virtual team provides support – offloading documentation burden, providing a second set of eyes on complex patients and helping to close growing experience/complexity gap in nursing – to the bedside team. This model of care helps health systems reduce labor costs while liberating their bedside nurses to provide elevated, hands-on patient care.

We call this the Nurse Elevated Care Model because it does just that – elevates your nursing team for optimal care.

52% of nurses are considering leaving the bedside, at a time where there are 1.1M+ vacancies. Hospital leadership knows they need a change, 83% are considering virtual nursing as a solution but don’t know where to start.

Learn how AvaSure customers have used the Nurse Elevated Care Model to achieve results like:

Improved HCAHPS patient experience scores

TeleNurse solution reduced code blues by 25-70%


Reduce discharge time up to 29 minutes

One Platform for Elevated Care

Learn more about how AvaSure can support these various care models all from one platform.


Clinical Resource TeleNurse

Offload Documentation Burden Giving More Time for Patient Care



  • Admission & discharge support
  • 2 nurse sign off
  • Patient education
  • Expert consultation (WOCN, Nutritionist, Pharmacist, etc.)
  • Nurse mentoring

Expert Oversight TeleNurse

Improve Complex Patient Outcomes & Increase Nurse Satisfaction



  • 24/7 oversight of a cohort of high acuity and/or isolation patients
  • Review and respond to clinical triggers from EHR/physiologic or bedside staff
  • Expert nurse support of
    novice nurses
  • Support satellite facilities with expert interventionists/specialists

Outcome Driven

A nurse elevated care model has been proven to help deliver increased patient quality, optimized productivity & increased nurse satisfaction. Learn how Unity Point and UCHealth got started on their virtual nursing journey and hear more about their early outcomes.


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Our TeleNurse customers say the hardest thing is getting started – they recommend starting small and scaling your program as you build success. Learn from AvaSure Chief Clinical Officer Lisbeth Votruba, MSN, RN on how to start your TeleNurse program today.

Watch our symposium session on virtual nursing to learn more about how to get started, results you can expect and hear great catches from TeleNurse solutions

Not sure how to staff your virtual team? AvaSure partners with Equum Medical, learn how they can help build your team by watching Connecting the Bedside to the Webside: Virtual Nursing as a Service” webinar replay

Considering hardware? We have a variety of 2-way options to help. View our flexible, intuitive hardware solutions.

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