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Virtual Nursing 101: A Look at the Basics
Revolutionizing the TeleNurse™ Solution

Introducing the Nurse Elevated Care Model from AvaSure

An augmented care environment where a virtual team provides support – offloading documentation burden, providing a second set of eyes on complex patients and helping to close growing experience/complexity gap in nursing – to the bedside team. This model of care helps health systems reduce labor costs while liberating their bedside nurses to provide elevated, hands-on patient care.

52% of nurses are considering leaving the bedside, at a time where there are 1.1M+ vacancies. Hospital leadership knows they need a change, 83% are considering virtual nursing as a solution but don’t know where to start.

We call this the Nurse Elevated Care Model because it does just that – elevates your nursing team for optimal care.

Learn how AvaSure customers have used the Nurse Elevated Care Model to achieve results


HCAHPS Patient Experience Scores


Reduced Code Blues by TeleNurse Solution


Minutes of Reduced Discharge Time
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