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UCHealth slashes code blues up to 70% with telehealth technologies
The academic medical center uses the TeleSitter and virtual ICU platforms for a program it calls Virtual Deterioration
UC Health Peer Reviewed Article

UCHealth is a nonprofit healthcare organization based in Colorado made up of 12 hospitals across the state. UCHealth had already implemented AvaSure's TeleSitter® for patient safety and VerifyTM for virtual ICU. Here, they looked at expanding the use of these technologies to create a program they call Virtual Deterioration. Keep reading to learn more about this new case use.


Looking to identify deteriorating patients sooner
The organization had a new use case for virtual care, a program called Virtual Deterioration. Through this virtual platform, they were looking to identify patients who were deteriorating in the hospital sooner in order to provide rescue and treatment faster, enhancing better overall outcomes.


AvaSure reduced Code Blues by as much as 70%
Early outcomes using AvaSure to watch ICU patients for deterioration have shown significant promise in reducing cardiac arrests by as much as 70%. Additionally, UCHealth has seen an increase in rapid response events (26%-86%), while Code Blue rates are plummeting (down 25%-70%), mostly in high-risk areas. UCHealth is also tracking whether patients remain in their current environment instead of being transferred to a higher level of care after an event.

  • Up to an 86% increase in rapid response rates
  • Up to a 152% increase in post–rapid response vitals being ordered and completed

“And so if you are considering any sort of hybrid approach from, for example, a clinical command center or nursing workflows, you want to have a great platform that you feel your staff can use and interact with seamlessly and with ease."

— Amy Hassell, RN, UCHealth
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