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Top Lessons Learned from Implementing 1000 Virtual Monitoring Programs

CIO’s and IT departments in health systems across the U.S. are charting the course towards a camera in every room, but how to get there isn’t as easy as it seems. Many think a camera is just a camera – and that off-the-shelf hardware will help them achieve their clinical goals. But AvaSure has learned from our 15+ years of experience in virtual care, that installing a camera is only one part of building a successful monitoring program.

Hear from the AvaSure Chief Technology Officer, Toby Eadelman, who helped build the AvaSure platform, and Clinical Implementation Manager, Wendy Pompa-Breen, RN, who helps customers build successful virtual care programs every day, on best practices for standing up a virtual care program that is results-oriented and outcome driven.

Learn how to lay the foundation today, for a successful camera-in-every-room program tomorrow. In this webinar you will:

  • Hear from industry leaders on what 1,000+ hospitals have tried, failed or succeed at along their virtual care journey
  • Learn best practices in developing the workflow management, policy & procedures and implementation guidelines necessary to gain clinical buy-in and support from front-line staff
  • Learn from our CTO why the AvaSure platform is different – making it an effective and efficient clinical tool, from its ability to function in any room to its ability to easily integrate with your EHR.

Event Overview

Date: Tuesday, June 13, 2023 • 1:30PM – 2:30PM EDT

Location: Virtual


  • Toby Eadelman, AvaSure Chief Technology Officer
  • Wendy Popma-Breen, BSN, BS, RN, AvaSure Manager of Clinical Implementation Services

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