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TeleSitting Today and Tomorrow
Remote, continuous patient observation is a vital tool in healthcare’s accelerating transition to high-value care

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In a room of a building across the street from the flagship hospital of a major Southeast health system, a half dozen technicians watch large, split-screen monitors, each with video feeds from hospital rooms scattered across the region. The images are coming from varied settings, including emergency departments, intensive care units, pediatrics and medical-surgical floors. The patients being watched have a mix of issues; some have delirium and are at risk of falling, others are being monitored due to brain injuries or are in detox. When a technician sees a patient in danger, she engages with him via two-way audio, while simultaneously autodialing a nurse at the scene to intervene. If the patient doesn’t respond immediately, an alarm is triggered on the in-room device. The unmistakable sound of this validated alarm sends staff running to the patient’s room.

Meanwhile, at one of the nation’s premier teaching hospitals in the Northeast, patients who are at risk of suicide are evaluated with a protocol designed by an interdisciplinary team. An RN and a psychiatrist work together to ensure a patient has a lower degree of impulsivity and can safely be placed on video monitoring. No adverse events have occurred.

And, at a major health system in Southern California, nurse leaders have documented $2.5 million in savings in two years by using video observation instead of sitters, who are often certified nurse assistants taken off of normal patient care to sit in an at-risk patient’s room.

These organizations have adopted AvaSure’s TeleSitter® solution...

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