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Video surveillance and nursing workforce safety

This strategy can benefit both nurses and patients. By Patricia A. Quigley, PhD, MPH, MS, APRN; Lisbeth Votruba, MSN, RN; and Jill Kaminski, MS Healthcare workers are four times more […]

Tracking Violence Against Hospital Staff

By: Lisbeth Votruba, MSN, RN, is Vice President of Clinical Quality and Innovation at AvaSure Workplace violence is a well-understood fact of the daily lives of nurses, who are subject […]

AvaSure Monitor Staff: A Valuable Addition to the Team

The most effective means to provide around-the-clock care for an acutely ill patient is deploying a multidisciplinary team of caregivers. For organizations that have adopted the AvaSure TeleSitter® Solution, the AvaSure […]