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Overcoming the Labor Challenges 
of Delivering Care

The delivery of care in today's environment is being challenged by many factors, including ongoing nursing shortages, increasing care complexities, the amount of time your nursing staff has to spend on administrative tasks, and the cost of labor, which is at an all-time high.

The AvaSure Nurse-Elevated Care Model Is Revolutionizing How Care Is Delivered in Hospitals

With AvaSure, you can add more staff to your care team and improve the quality of care while reducing costs. It's a single, proven, scalable solution that integrates virtual nurses and safety attendants into existing workflows. This integrated approach gives bedside nurses more time for direct, hands-on patient care.

Extending the Reach of Hospital Nurses to Elevate Patient Care

The AvaSure TeleNurse™ solution enables you and your staff to provide the oversight complex patients need, expedite admission and discharge processes, and mentor less-experienced nurses.

High Quality of Care

A technical solution that provides the same quality of care as inpatient nurses.

Outcomes That Matter

A virtual care solution that delivers improved patient outcomes while increasing the bandwidth of the nursing staff.


A virtual care solution that can be trusted by the nursing team and by patients and their families.

Ease of Use

Reduce clerical overhead, documentation burden, and concerns that care teams will be given additional duties.

One Platform for a Variety of Clinical Use Cases

With the TeleNurse™ solution, you and your staff can oversee complex patients, expedite admission and discharge processes, and reduce the documentation burden.

With the TeleSitter® solution, you and your staff can replace 1:1 sitters with virtual safety attendants and increase patient safety by reducing adverse events, such as falls, freeing clinical and support staff so they have more time to focus on patients.

AvaSure extends the reach of your care teams and enhances the work experience for bedside nurses to elevate the quality of patient care they deliver.

Nursing Leadership

Clinical Consulting

The Clinical Consulting team offers full support to help you develop a business case for virtual care and safety monitoring and guide you through implementation and beyond.

Clinical Evidence

The clinical benefit of the AvaSure Nurse-Elevated Care Model has been documented in more than 150 case studies. Read Clinical Evidence Case Studies.

ORNA® Data
Online Reporting of Nursing Analytics (ORNA®) is a unique comparative database and real-time dashboard that enables you to report, analyze, and improve safety and the quality of care. Learn more about ORNA®.

Technology & Operations

Clinical and Technical Support
AvaSure clinical and technical support is available on day 2 and long after for training, integration, and change management. Learn more about the AvaSure virtual care platform.
Uptime & Reliability

The AvaSure platform provides automatic and seamless failover across multiple servers ensuring no downtime—even during monthly updates and maintenance activities.


AvaSure integrates with other major technology already in use.


Cost Calculator
Use the AvaSure Cost Calculator to calculate how much your organization spends on falls and sitters.
#1 in Reducing the Cost of Care by KLAS Research

AvaSure has been recognized by KLAS Research as one of the Top 20 Emerging Solutions focused on the Quadruple Aim of Healthcare and was ranked #1 in Reducing the Cost of Care.

Reduce Labor Costs
The TeleSitter® Solution enables 1 sitter to monitor 16 patients—all while improving safety and reducing costs.

Why Choose AvaSure?

AvaSure Guardian® Veiling Device installed in ceiling tile

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The AvaSure TeleSitter® Solution Offers Increased Patient Safety & Peace of Mind

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