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Shortening Hospital Discharges: Technical and Workflow Solutions

Lisbeth Votruba, MSN, RN, Chief Clinical Officer at AvaSure was recently quoted in HIT Today. Check out her quote below and read the full article on the HIT Today website.


Lisbeth Votruba, chief clinical officer at AvaSure, told me about their work with virtual nurses. No, these are not robots or AI creations; they are highly experienced nurses who work remotely to support bedside staff

Like care managers, virtual nurses ensure that the hospital experience goes smoothly and that discharges take place as quickly as possible. They are particularly useful for documentation and patient education, but can also provide important emotional support to other nurses.

Votruba says that experienced nurses are in particularly short supply (as are all nurses). The field had a turn-over rate of 32% in 2021, and 52% of nurses are thinking about changing careers or retiring. So a virtual nurse can help with both speed and quality. Less experienced nurses appreciate having an experienced one to call up through two-way video when handling a difficult procedure.