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Reducing Stress on Caregivers, Patients, and Families In a Crisis
Using the mobile TeleSitter® allows remote staff to continuously visualize and communicate with patients.

Many hospitals have taken advantage of AvaSure’s offer of an additional, free monitor station software licenses, which allows healthcare facilities to establish additional localized command centers, empowering clinical bedside staff to view and communicate with COVID-19 patients. With COVID-19 still spreading across parts of the U.S., AvaSure has extended the timeframe for using these licenses until January 31, 2021. If you have not already contacted AvaSure to receive a free license, please notify us.

During this pandemic, many hospitals have deployed the TeleSitter® solution to COVID-19 patients to avoid the spread of the virus and make better use of scarce resources such as masks and gowns. Using the mobile TeleSitter®, which has both high-resolution video and two-way audio to the patient room, allows remote staff to continuously visualize and communicate with patients from the emergency department to isolation rooms to the intensive care unit. Nurses and doctors can remotely interact with the patient to help decrease the frequency of times they must put on and take off personal protective equipment (PPE). Patients suspected of highly contagious diseases are moved quickly from the emergency department to isolation rooms or the ICU. As these patients become spread out in the hospital, monitoring them both centrally from a command center and more locally at the nurses station, frees providers and infection control staff from unnecessary exposure while increasing patient interactions.

Our goal is to help reduce stress on caregivers, patients and families affected by the current situation. We are here to provide a helping hand in these uncertain times.

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