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ORNA® Is a Unique National Database on Virtual Monitoring

Online Reporting of Nursing Analytics (ORNA) is the only comparative database of its kind—the first data set on patient safety and cost reduction that is at the intersection of the patient/family/caregiver experience of care.
Live monitoring has made the healthcare environment safer for patients

The Benefits of ORNA®

Actionable Intelligence

Gain insights into a complex patient population, share program success with hospital leadership and beyond, and identify areas for targeted improvement.

The Data You Need, When You Need It

A real-time dashboard for clinical triage and decision-making, hospital-specific data to inform adverse event investigations, and the ability to run comparison reports.

Hospital Comparisons

Compare results on utilization, alarm rates, staff interventions, effectiveness of interventions, and bedside staff responsiveness.

150+ Clinical Evidence Studies

Clinical evidence documented in over 150 case studies showing efficacy in preventing harm across the healthcare enterprise.

Why Choose AvaSure?

AvaSure: Drive Performance Improvement with ORNA®

ORNA® drives performance improvement and can help prevent adverse events in a national way

Nursing Analytics: Reporting and Data Metrics You Care About

ORNA®: the metrics available and how they can help
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