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Meet the Virtual Nurse: One Health System's Disruptive Innovation on Staffing
While everyone in U.S. acute care delivery has had to improvise on staffing throughout the pandemic, Memorial Hermann Health System, a 17-hospital integrated delivery network in the Houston area, was especially nimble.

Memorial Hermann Health System leverages "virtual nurses" to help with staffing

Acting in just a couple of weeks, it shifted a cadre of critical care nurses from the bedside and placed them in a new central facility to keep close watch on high-acuity COVID patients via video and remote physiologic monitoring tools. These “virtual nurses” can care for COVID-19 patients across the system, supporting less experienced bedside nurses and improving patient quality and safety.

In an on-demand webinar hosted by Becker’s Hospital Review, a team from Memorial Hermann and AvaSure’s Chief Clinical Innovation Officer Lisbeth Votruba, describe the basics of virtual care, including the technology and the art of video and audio interactions with patients and bedside staff; the policies and workflows Memorial Hermann established for virtual nursing; and how virtual nurses can make the highest use of specialized care resources.

Watch the webinar and read the summary white paper to learn more.

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