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Introducing AvaSure 360: A Comprehensive Inpatient Telehealth Solution
With new iterations of hardware and software and new use cases in telehealth and emergent care, AvaSure now offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for all inpatient telehealth needs on a single platform.
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From stand-alone facilities to large integrated health systems, AvaSure meets the needs of any organization, resulting in improved patient safety and better workforce efficiencies. The solution is available under our subscription model, obviating the need for large upfront capital costs.

The anchor remains the AvaSure TeleSittera continuous video monitoring solution in which a single trained technician at a remote location watches up to 16 patients simultaneously, intervening via audio or alerts when needed to keep patients and their caregivers safe from harm.

To it we have added:

  • AvaSure Connect. The same platform, but enhanced with two-way video, which allows different types of providers to see, evaluate and communicate with a patient from a remote location in order to provide better care, promote efficiency and save costs.
  • AvaSure Verify, designed to provide an additional layer of virtual care. The high-resolution video and two-way audio to the patient room allows remote staff to continuously visualize and communicate with patients from the emergency department to isolation rooms to the intensive care unit. Nurses and doctors can remotely interact with isolation patients to help decrease the frequency of times they must put on and take off PPE while decreasing the patients’ emotional isolation. As many as 38 patients can be on one screen.

Watch the AvaSure 360 video.

“AvaSure 360 is the culmination of a lot of work by us and our customers over years of development, testing, fine-tuning and expanding in terms of use cases. There are now a number of vendors offering some form of room coverage, and whole bunch of companies selling telehealth products, but nobody offers such a global solution as ours, which covers isolation, ICU, ED – almost everywhere you can go in an inpatient facility.”

- Brad W. Playford, founder and CEO of AvaSure
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