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Ochsner Health: How Centralized Monitoring Reduces Costs & Improves Patient Safety
Ochsner Health adopts a centralized patient monitoring model that delivers a clear return on investment for the system

Historically, hospitals and health systems have used “patient sitters” to provide one-on-one monitoring support for patients. Since this approach is costly and inefficient, virtual sitters that can monitor multiple patients simultaneously have become one of the fastest growing trends in virtual care. Ochsner Health adopted a centralized patient monitoring model, which allowed the New Orleans-based health system to have eight or nine technicians monitoring 90 to 108 patients instead of using individual sitters for each patient. The model delivered a clear return on investment for the system, while also supporting revenue-generating opportunities.

In this white paper, you’ll learn how centralized monitoring systems like the one used at Ochsner Health can:

  • Improve safety and support for patients and staff
  • Result in a 90 percent cost reduction
  • Potentially integrate with other centralized healthcare services

Visit Becker's Hospital Review website to download the white paper.  

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