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Digital Summit

July 20 All day

Our 2023 Digital Summit was a huge success!

We immersed ourselves in captivating stories from the frontlines, where virtual sitting has become the answer to today’s most pressing healthcare challenges – staffing shortages, rising patient acuity and increasing cost of care.

This 1-day virtual event, explored the power of virtual sitting in driving workforce efficiencies, addressing unique challenges of different patient populations, and enabling improved patient care. We heard remarkable tales of patient safety triumphs where virtual technologies backed by real-time data delivered prompt interventions and enabled personalized care. Furthermore, we explored how virtual sitting can unlock your ability to redeploy essential staff to where they’re needed the most, streamlining your operations while managing costs.

Read the recap, watch the recordings (below), and reimagine how you can start and scale your own virtual sitting program. Whether you're a healthcare professional, industry leader, or frontline staff - this summit is your gateway to exploring the limitless possibilities of how virtual sitting can unleash the potential of your facility today.

Introduction and Opening Remarks by AvaSure CEO Adam McMullin.

Join us for a conversation with Aurora Gomez from Valley Health System (UHS).

Presented by:
Aurora Gomez, Director of TeleSitter/HVS Float Pool, The Valley Health System (UHS)

Join us for a conversation with Riverside Hospital who has tackled some of the largest obstacles for clinical teams while implementing virtual sitting. Hear lessons learned around common challenges such as the Gatekeeper role and transitions of care to skilled nursing and long term care facilities.

Presented by:
Angel Castaneda, BSN, CMSRN, VA-BC, Nurse Manager RRMC Float Pool, PICC Nursing Supervisors, Rapid Response Team, Riverside Regional Medical Center

Join our panelists as they provide insights into the implementation of a “hub and spoke” centralized monitoring program within a complex care network, showcasing how it effectively facilitates the redeployment of labor resources. Gain valuable knowledge on optimizing workforce allocation and enhancing operational efficiency in healthcare settings through this engaging discussion.

Presented by:
Erin Otis-Robertson, MSN, BSN, RN, PCCN, Manager Nursing-RVM
Providence Oregon Region

The surge in behavioral health patients combined with the shortage of staff leaves hospitals with significant challenges to adequately help patients continue on their journey to wellbeing. Addressing the challenge of managing suicide ideation patients in acute care facilities, who require one-to-one sitters for their safety, becomes crucial in ensuring appropriate care. Hear how two organizations use the TeleSitter solution to keep low to moderate-suicide-risk patients safe.

Presented by:
Rachel Krajnovich, MSN, RN-BC, Director of Clinical Operations
HCA Kingwood

Ellen Lemkuil, Virtual Clinical Care Manager

Gaylord Specialty Healthcare was experiencing a demand for 1:1 sitters that simply outplaced staff availability. After implementing the AvaSure TeleSitter solution, they reduced sitter hours by 90% and created a sustainable program with decreased falls. Discover their secrets to success in this poster presentation.

Presented by:
Henry Hrdlicka, PhD, Director of Research
Gaylord Specialty Healthcare

Join us for a panel discussion sharing tales from the frontline. Virtual Safety Attendants will reveal best practices, lessons learned, and an insider’s look at what it’s like to be on the other side of the screen.

Presented by:
January Hunnewell, Virtual Safety Attendant

Candace Arredondo, TeleSitter
St. Peters

Tom Dezell, TeleObserver

Presented by:
Matthew L. Hemphill MSN, RN, CNML, Director of Acute Care Nursing
Holzer Health System

Get inspired by the highly accomplished healthcare leader, Claire Zangerle, who has dedicated her career to elevating the nursing profession and has successfully implemented innovative programs to attract, support, and retain frontline healthcare workers.

Presented by:
Claire Zangerle, DNP, MBA, RN, NEA-BC, FAONL, FAAN, Nurse Executive
CMZ Strategies, LLC.

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