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Did you know? AvaSure Integration with Epic Enhances Clinical Workflows
AvaSure’s software has the capability of seamless integration with Epic and other electronic health records systems, becoming a natural part of caregivers’ workflow and an easy way to connect with patients.
AvaSure's two-way, secure, HIPAA-compliant video communications can be launched from within Epic with a simple mouse click, enabling physicians and other clinicians to have instant telehealth check-ins with patients and their families, even if they don’t have a video app or MyChart account.

This is far from the only way that AvaSure helps improve patient safety and reduces workforce burden across your enterprise. Our platform can easily be integrated with nurse call, clinical communications systems, and more. Together, these systems help staff keep closer, more informed track of a patient’s status.

If you would like to learn more or add AvaSure to your Epic ecosystem, reach out to your AvaSure contact, who will facilitate your introduction to our dedicated expert integration team.

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