Free Clinical Needs Assessment - AvaSure

Are staff shortages causing undue burden on your nursing staff?

Would you benefit from a plan to help optimize your nursing team while reducing labor costs?

Would you like to give more time back to your nurses for hands-on patient care?

Let’s discuss how the AvaSure platform enables a new care model, where nurse productivity and patient & staff safety are put at the forefront by using a virtual team to augment your on-site nursing staff alleviate today’s challenges. Our team has helped 1,000 hospitals to identify current pain points, understand their unique needs, and build a business plan for improving productivity and increasing patient safety – all while reducing labor costs. We understand how to provide value with proven ROI. Our solution is not just technology, but the full support of AvaSure’s experienced nursing team to develop a business case and guide you through implementation and beyond. Schedule a call with AvaSure’s experienced nurses today for a complimentary clinical assessment to build a business case focused on your unique challenges.

Let AvaSure help you with a complimentary on-site assessment.

We’ll work with you to identify all the right areas for a successful project including:

  • Patient Safety and Virtual Nurse Goals
  • Project and Change Management Path
  • Hardware Considerations
  • Software Capabilities
  • ROI and Value Setting


As the pioneer and expert in inpatient telehealth, AvaSure has provided safer environments for over 1 million patients, with over 70 million live monitoring hours. By continuing to reduce adverse events and by optimizing workforce efficiencies for the nation’s top health systems, AvaSure has consistently lowered the cost of care while providing safer, more efficient healthcare for everyone.