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St. David’s North Austin Medical Center First in Texas To Use AvaSys

St. David’s North Austin Medical Center recently became the first facility in Texas to protect patients from falls by using the new AvaSys Telesitter Monitor System. The new technology-a mobile video monitoring device-is designed to allow trained medical staff to communicate and observe patients who are at a high risk of falling.

AvaSure Taps Nurse Leaders for Board

BELMONT, Mich. — AvaSure, whose unique observation and communications platform prevents falls and other patient harm while reducing labor costs for sitters, has added three of the nation’s leading nurse executives […]

Humility of Mary Health Partners Installs AvaSys

Humility of Mary Health Partners has rolled out a new patient observation and communications platform that enables round-the-clock visual and audio monitoring of patients at high risk of falling.

Adverse Health Events in Minnesota

Minnesota Department of Health public report shows that falls continue to be an area of challenge for healthcare facilities. Occasionally, all appropriate interventions are in place and a patient can […]

A Simple Solution to Fall For

Chuck Lauer, columnist for Becker’s Hospital Review, writes about how not enough hospitals are adopting technologies such as AvaSys that provide low-cost solutions to patient safety problems in healthcare. Read […]

Falls Are Not Inevitable

AvaSys is featured in Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare magazine, which interviewed Laura Vento of University of California-San Diego Health System about the system’s experience with AvaSys. Read the article.