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A quarterly report on new system features that improve communication of adverse events and allow key stakeholders to determine which events should be included in ORNA® data and reporting

Improved Reporting of Adverse Events in ORNA®

AvaSure’s latest software release (Version 1.1.12.X) provides significant new features that improve communication of adverse events and allow key stakeholders to determine which events should be included in ORNA® data and reporting.

Details of suspected adverse events can be reported by monitor staff via the AvaSure TeleSitter® software, which generates emails to assigned administrators, who review the reports to determine whether events jeopardized the safety of patients/staff. Validating adverse events provides more actionable and accurate data for ORNA reports, which lead to improved processes to avert future such events.

Hospital IT is needed to configure the outgoing email server’s Notifications settings. Designated event validator(s) need to be added to the export user group through the AvaSure administrator panel. AvaSure recommends assigning this role to a minimum of two users, which allows more efficient validation in the case of time off or a user changing roles in the organization.

You must also define the adverse events you would like to track and establish them in the notifications setting. By default, assisted and unassisted falls are selected; however, a range of other adverse events can be added.

For more information on this software feature, contact

2-Way TeleSitter®

With the advent of two-way video on our 2-way Guardian® devices, AvaSure has been used for a variety of telehealth purposes. Now, new capabilities in our latest software allow monitoring staff and frontline staff to establish instant video communication. Use of this functionality has a number of implications for care delivery:
  • By being able to see the monitor staff, nurses are reminded that another set of eyes is always on their patient, which increases staff buy-in for remote safety monitoring, driving up utilization.
  • Family members are encouraged seeing there is a real person on the other end of the room unit and can take time off from caring for their loved ones.
  • This system helps traumatic brain injury patients who might be disturbed by voice with no video.
Two-way video access for monitor staff is determined by clinical leadership and set in AvaSure Administrator Panel®. Depending on the settings selected in AvaSure Administrator Panel, monitor staff may have the option to toggle two-way video on and off.   To find out more about the 2-way TeleSitter® feature or the Guardian® 2-way mobile device contact your AvaSure sales representative or click here.
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