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AvaSure Recognizes Riverside University Health System for Demonstrating the Most Complete Use of its TeleSitter® Program
The fifth consecutive healthcare awards program presented at industry-leading symposium

BELMONT, Mich. – AvaSure, a leading provider of advanced audiovisual monitoring systems used to care for patients and protect caregivers, honored Riverside University Health System Medical Center with the Safety Net Award as part of AvaPrize, its prestigious annual healthcare awards program.

The AvaPrize program honors individuals and organizations who have advanced patient and staff safety, eased the working lives of nurses and achieved new efficiencies in care delivery. Winners demonstrate the ever-evolving role of continuous video monitoring as it becomes a vital tool in patient care and staff development throughout a healthcare organization.

Riverside University Health System Medical Center’s honor, the Safety Net Award, recognizes an organization that demonstrates the most complete AvaSure TeleSitter® program.

“Most experts believe the post-pandemic U.S. healthcare system will be fundamentally different, as downward pressure on costs and a need to show value for dollars spent will fuel widespread reforms,” said Lisbeth Votruba, Vice President of Clinical Quality and Innovation at AvaSure. “Riverside University Health System has played a significant role in making strides toward change with the use of our technology. As has been shown in numerous clinical and economic studies, AvaSure is in tune with the need for cost-effective, quality care.”

AvaSure selected Riverside University Health System for the award because it has used 100% of its devices and recently added in an additional 12 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The monitor staff consistently interacts with patients.

The winners were honored during the company’s symposium Sept. 23-24. The AvaSure national symposium brings together senior leaders, frontline staff and health policy experts to share best practices and new uses for continuous remote patient care. This year’s theme was Leading Through Change.

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