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KLAS Recognizes 2022 Emerging Healthcare Solutions Top 20
“With staffing being one of the biggest issues for operations today, AvaSure makes a lot of sense because it is a force multiplier. Rather than having one sitter watch one […]

This report includes the top 20 emerging solutions that have the greatest potential to disrupt the healthcare market ranked by healthcare leaders across the country

Healthcare executives are overwhelmed by the flood of new technologies in healthcare and can miss an amazing new technology partner because they are lost in the crowd. To solve this problem, KLAS has pulled together a group of provider thought leaders from around the country to help KLAS select the Top 20 Emerging Solutions that are disrupting the healthcare market.

In addition to rating the emerging solutions, our provider thought leaders also gave their input on technology innovation that address the quadruple aim of healthcare; Improve Care and Outcomes, Reduce the Cost of Care, Improve Patient Experience, and Improve Provider Satisfaction.

Read the press release and the KLAS news release to learn more. 

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