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4 takeaways from the launch of UCHealth's Virtual Health Center
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During a featured session at the 8th Annual Becker's Health IT + Digital Health + RCM Meeting,leaders from Aurora, Colo.-based UC Health discussed the system's Virtual Health Center that uses technology to support patient care, improve efficiency and enhance patient outcomes. 

The center includes a virtual ICU, tele-sitting, centralized telemetr, and virtual urgent care. The virtual health center also uses models powered by artificial intelligence to detect patient deterioration and sepsis earlier, leading to improved patient outcomes. The center has helped  decrease code-blue events and improved sepsis identification. The center has also produced  cost savings and improved patient safety. The center is supported by a team of virtual nurses who can monitor up to 500 patients at a time. The virtual hospital system has been successful due to top-down support, continuous iteration and a focus on solving real problems.

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